AA 6.5 Grendel mag with 7.62x39 rounds?

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Don't think it will work, but I could be wrong. The 7.62x39 has a more acute case taper and when you stack them you get a more extreme curve. This is why the AK-47 magazine has such a dramatic curve to the banana clip. If you don't curve the magazine enough to compensate for the case taper you're looking at a lot of feeding problems.
If you are only putting a few rounds in you'll be fine. Otherwise you'll have trouble. Grendel has a body taper of 18 minutes 46 seconds. 7.62x39 has a body taper of 1 degree 20 minutes 35 seconds, or about 4x the taper.
I allways thought that the key to the future success of the Grendel, is because it was usable with straight up ar mags, but maybe changing the lips a bit.
What I know about 7.62x39mm magazines for the AR-15

Since putting together a 7.62x39mm AR this past summer, I've investigated magazines a bit.

First, and simplest, is loading 7 rounds in a standard .223/5.56 magazine, which seems to work reasonably well.

Colt made some 5 rounders when they briefly produced a 7.62 AR:
They work just fine, but they're only 5 rounds and not readily available, although they're not too hard to find.

I have had pretty good luck with the 10 rounders made by USA:
But they work most reliably loaded with just 8 rounds, and I don't believe they are in production anymore. I found the ones I have at a gunshow and paid $19/ea. for them.

I had no (as in zero) luck with the plastic 5 and 10 rounders made by MWG:
They just flat did not work for me, although there is a poster on the Survivor's SKS Boards who has said that the MWG mags work for him using Brown Bear ammo.

There are also the so-called Frankenmags, made by USA, that are AK mag bodies grafted to an AR-15 magwell compliant top. I've seen mixed reviews and have passed on acquiring any as I await C Products' 7.62 magazine coming to market.

And that brings us to the much anticipated 30 rounders soon (December?) to be coming from C Products. I think this might be a picture of a prototype.

Another alternative exists for putting together a 7.62x39mm AR, and that is MGI's Modular System which allows you to use an AK mag. I looked into it and decided it was a little too pricey for me.

Finally, a near-AR possibility that looms in the future is the Robinson XCR, but they appear to be waiting on C Products' magazines as well.
I have heard tell that a guy got a PRI 6.8 magazine to work with the 7.62X39 cartridge.
I have no more information other than that bit of hearsay which I probably shouldn't bother printing.
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