Accubond in .300 Savage

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Dec 27, 2010
Was thinking about loading 150 gr. Nosler Accubonds in my .300 Savage. My question is, with the longer than usual length of the Accubonds will I have to seat the bullet so far down in the short neck case that it will raise pressures to unacceptable levels for the Savage 99 action? Anybody have any experience with this bullet/caliber combination?
IMO, you would be better off using one of the flat based 150gr bullets like the Rem Core-Lokt so you don't need to seat so deep. It's a better match for the velocity of the 300 Savage.

If you want to use the Accubond, here's a link to Nosler's load site and the 300 Savage loads.

The Accubonds work better in the magnum rounds where the high velocity that they are capable of, can fragment a standard bullet at closer ranges.

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I have tried some different bullets for the 300 Sav and always come back to the Core-Lokt in either the 150 or 170 (preferred weight). You cant beat the cost VS performance of that older bullet design.
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