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But it's lighter and thereby faster, you see, improving the lock time. You'll get more improvement from the "SuperTac Titactanium" firing pin that I'll be happy to sell to you Inspector live one. :)

fish on!!
Yes, I can possibly have more time on my hands, as the lock time is faster.
I won't know what to do with all this extra time, I might have to take a book to the range with me! Well, I took the wedge out and the gun seems tight anyway. I'll hold onto it in case I get the urge to put it back in. I don't like the thought of something "floating around" while I am shooting, however, when properly installed, the wedge is not going anywhere.
We were all new to the AR world once upon a time.
When I first started dabbling in the accuracy( as in, all you can get ) portion of them, I used those pieces of rubber and soon discovered this.
No one has ever been able to show me where an accuwedge made any improvement in mechanical accuracy.
One of my Colt's came with one installed from the factory. That was sometime in early to mid 90's. It has been subjected to oils, grease, cleaning solvents, brake cleaner, you can almost name it. It is still pliable as it was when new, no flaking or other signs of deteriation. Is it needed, probably not, as this gun is tight, but it will stay.
Improved accuracy or not, what's the harm of taking a little play or rattle out of your rifle if it bothers you? Ideally, every upper and lower would fit snuggly every time, but, my gosh, these things are made by many different makers on many different machines. It's amazing they all fit as well as they do. But, some with have a little more play than others due to stacking tolerances. So, wedge it or use the expandable pin to tighten it up *if it bothers you.*

I've seen those rubber wedges. I believe they are made out of a silicone rubber that is generally pretty durable and chemical resistant. It's not going to deteriorate suddenly or for a long time.
as stated the upper is where all the neat stuff takes place the lower just holds the magazine and trigger group....accu wedge no thanks my target AR shots sub moa with no accu wedge
What if your bolt gun had 1/16" play between the action and the stock? Do you really think that optimum accuracy is possible?

Apples to oranges. A bolt gun needs to have even contact because the receiver is being drawn down into the stock by the receiver screws. To get an Ar-15 to shoot well, all you need to do is float a good barrel. Get a quality barrel, free float it and make sure nothing in regards to the bolt / carrier is binding and the rifle will shoot. The need to tighten up the receivers is a operator issue, some people just are not comfortable with a rifle that rattles. Bedding the receivers together may improve ergos for the operator, mess up the process and you warp the upper. A warped up can cause binding of the carrier and that can cause accuracy issues.
Clearly, the people on the wrong side of this are ignorant. The people who truly grasp the importance of all things gunnish know where the bear voided his bowels in the buckwheat
Crimoney, gun people are right up there with Star Trek geeks when it comes to OCD.
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