Air-Gun Robber shot by real-gun pistol, shotgun

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identified as 50-year-old Guy Wade Buck

Was the clerk a hunter or was this the first buck he'd shot?

I'm not suprised he was still standing after being shot with the .38 pistol. I keep hearing the folks at the gun store saying you need a 300 Win Mag to drop an older buck.

What was in the shotgun? Buckshot?

But I thought the rules said that a handgun was what you used to fight your way to a bigger gun?
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The masked man held up West Main Liquor, but didn't expect the clerk to fight back.

This criminal must be used to robbing people in Cali, New York, or other lib controled cities where citizens are kept unarmed and defenseless. This is proof that armed citizens CAN successfully defend themselves.

Only 1 hit with the .38. Obviously a bad case of buck fever. Then the 12ga. Still nothing. What's the best next move, go for a belt fed, or call in an airstrike?

the clerk is to be honored. He did the right thing. He fought back, and kept on fighting back. Maybe the clerk grew up in a rural area?
Buck is from the rural Choctaw County area.
Is this local newspaper code for trying to say something about Mr. Buck? I don't know, I'm just asking.
I’ve read when Elvis first got his records on the radio in Memphis, he was in demand for on air interviews. The disk jockeys would always ask him where he went to high school, because back then in the 1950’s, saying what high school someone went to was a code that said something about the person. I was wondering if the local OK newspapers now have a similar sort of code when they put a sentence like “Buck is from the rural Choctaw County area” in a paragraph by itself. I’ve never been to OK so I don’t know.

I worked with a guy in upstate NY whose mother was from one of the reservations in or near Choctaw County OK, and I understand Will Rodgers’ family was from the same area. I’m not making any comments against “rural”, “Choctaw” or anything else, I’m just wondering.
It's a little weird that he would only fire one shot then go for the shotgun. Of course you can't beleive everything you read in the paper...

I didn't see the obligatory statement: "The District Attorney said no charges will be filed against the store owner..."
Good thing...

for the bad guy that the clerk did not let the shotgun go dry, his next gun down the line was the M249 SAW he had behind the counter. And if that didnt work there was the tac-nuke in the back room
What's funny about these situations is some blissninny will call for airsoft guns to be outlawed because they look real and that mistake got the victim (BG ;) ) killed. So, yeah, let's pass a law that takes away the incentive for criminals to accept more physical risk (by using a fake gun) to avoid the extra jail time for a real gun. Brilliant.:scrutiny: :rolleyes:

We should pass a law trying to encourage air gun use by criminals. Maybe promise them a cell to themselves if they get caught using only an airgun. Don't worry, the extra jail space needed will be offset by the morons like this who don't make it.:D Win-win for everyone.:neener:
Another person inside the store called 9-1-1 during the robbery and alerted police. The officers had just arrived when they hear the shotgun blast. The officers quickly apprehended the suspect
I'm wondering if there was some time passed between the clerk firing the .38 and then the shotgun. Perhaps after firing the .38 he tried to get the BG to disarm or leave, meanwhile retreiving the shotgun.
Either that, or Hugo has some top-notch response time. I mean the shooting wasn't even over!
or Hugo has some top-notch response time. I mean the shooting wasn't even over!

Hugo seems to have a population of under 6,000. I wouldn't imagine that the business district is too extensive and the police station probably isn't very far away from the store.
More Details

Here is a little more info about the robbery that makes it even more interesting:

Store owner shoots suspect ‘out the door’

By Julie Bisbee
The Oklahoman

HUGO - Sheila Almond didn’t panic when she found a man in her liquor store wearing a ski mask, holding a gun and demanding money.

Almond’s 84-year-old mother, who was working the cash register at West Main Liquor on Thursday evening, backed away as the robber came around the counter for the cash register.

That’s about the time Almond entered the scene.

“My wife told him his ski mask was crooked - she can’t stand things like that - and to get on the other side of the counter and she’d give him the money,” said Bob Almond, owner of the liquor store who was at home at the time.

“I knew it was up to me to protect everybody,” said Sheila Almond, who was back at work Friday afternoon. “I can’t believe I talked to him the way I did. I was just playing for time so my mother could get out.”

Sheila Almond, 59, first shot the man in the shoulder with a pistol. When that didn’t slow him down, she laid a shotgun on the counter and blasted him in the abdomen.

“She blowed him out the door,” Bob Almond said.

Guy Wade Buck, 50, was flown to a Texarkana hospital and remained on a ventilator in critical condition Friday afternoon, according to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

The gun he was carrying turned out to be a plastic air gun, said OSBI officials, who are assisting Hugo police in the investigation.

“I kept thinking that bullets were going to come,” Sheila Almond said. “I really expected him to shoot me, to shoot all of us.”

‘Bring Baby’

After the shooting, Almond said she called her attorney.

“I asked him about what I had done,” Almond said. “He said, ‘You took care of it.’ I shot him from the front. He had reached over and grabbed tens and they were scattered all over the parking lot. He did do a strong-arm robbery.”

Owning a liquor store, the Almonds have anticipated that someday they would be held up. Sheila Almond wasn’t counting on being the only one in the store who knew how to use a gun when that happened.

After ordering the robber to the other side of the counter, she told an employee to “Bring her ‘Baby,’ - that’s what we call the shotgun,” her husband said.

Sheila Almond, who is blind in her right eye, wanted the robber to think there was a child in the store - maybe he would leave, she said.

“I didn’t want to shoot,” Almond said. “But if I had to shoot, I wanted my shotgun.”

As an employee scrambled for the shotgun, Almond found the pistol.

“I knew if I got my hand on my pistol he was dead,” she said. “When I brought it up, it was ready to fire. He said, ‘Give it to me.’ I shot him. I’m just thankful I didn’t break any bottles. I know that’s callous, but he was wrong.”

The robber continued to reach for money and Almond grabbed a shotgun from her co-worker, laid it on the counter and shot him in the stomach.

“Nobody is ready to die,” she said, “especially at the hands of a cranked-up idiot.”

The shot sent the robber crashing through the door and into the store’s parking lot, with only his feet still on the front porch, a gun in one hand and a wad of 10-dollar bills in the other.

“All I could think of was, he’s down. I felt relief,” Almond said. “When I get in a crunch, I get calm. But I fall apart later.”

Two Hugo police officers responding to a 911 call arrived just in time to see the suspect coming out the front door.

The liquor store had been robbed before, but never with a gun, Bob Almond said.

Sheila Almond said she’s taking her liquor store employee out today to teach her how to shoot a gun. They’ll have to do it without “Baby,” though. The shotgun was confiscated by police.
Sounds like a clean shoot to me but it also sounds like a good reason for people to learn to use their firearms corrrectly. If you can only manage a grazing hit (the upper shoulder) from 3 or 4 feet away you need some practice.

If it had been a real gun the guy had that shoulder hit would have cost her life.
He said, ‘Give it to me.’ I shot him. I’m just thankful I didn’t break any bottles. I know that’s callous, but he was wrong.”

“Bring her ‘Baby,’ - that’s what we call the shotgun,”

“She blowed him out the door,”

This article is full of instant classics.
This article is full of instant classics.
Oh, yes. I almost don't know where to begin. I'll add to the list.

“I didn’t want to shoot,” Almond said. “But if I had to shoot, I wanted my shotgun.”
“I knew if I got my hand on my pistol he was dead,”
He said, ‘Give it to me.’ I shot him.
“Nobody is ready to die,” she said, “especially at the hands of a cranked-up idiot.”
:p Now that's funny, I don't care who ya are!
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