Alpha Shooter dry fire course, any good?

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I have the dry fire cards and they are pretty good. I also have no doubt that if you were to dry-fire using proper technique for 10-15min/day for 21 days, your shooting would be significantly improved. Well in excess of the improvement you'd get (if any) by simply shooting the dollar amount of this program in live ammo.

So, I guess it comes down to; do you have the knowledge to dry-fire properly now and the self-discipline to do it, or will this course provide the knowledge and motivation you need?

Personally, I love learning stuff and buy lots on informational materials like this, though I don't have this exact one.
That's a long-reading web site. But I can't see anything about it that screams "useless gimmick." A lot of us benefit from motivation, and there is probably a bit of that in this package. I'm certainly gonna give it a closer look. I'm horrible about dry-fire.
The website reads like one of the companies selling "male enhancement" products or the like. However as we all know, dry fire pays dividends. I guess this would be the equivalent of having one of those websites and offering a 21 day "diet" that's nothing more then regular clean eating. It's not hard to do on your own, but if having someone else push you to do it does the trick for you then so be it.

As others have said, dry fire is a really powerful tool for improvement of a bunch of aspects of shooting. I don't know that you need to spend $47 on a particular packaging of it, nor that there is any magic to 21 days. There are many dry-fire coursebooks out there in the competition world, such as the Ben Stoeger dry fire book, that are cheaper and have been used by many thousands of people. Maybe this packaging has the "secret sauce" or hits something in particular. Maybe it has some more instruction/technique mixed in.

One question I would want to know is whether it asks you to work with a timer. If is doesn't, and if you're interested in practical shooting, I'd give it a hard miss.
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