Ammo buying spree - please comment

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Aug 10, 2005
Being new to handgun ownership, today was my first foray into buying pistol ammo in bulk.
Before that, I bought a couple boxes of defensive ammo in 357Mag which comes to about 85c/round for Federal 357Mag 130 gr Hydra-Shock JHP and 61+/rd for Win 38Sp+P 125gr JHP.
The cheapest practice ammo I saw before was Dick's sale on 38Sp Remington UMC 130gr FMJ - at 17c/round.

Today I went to a gun show to get stuff for real for my 357 revolvers and 40 cal H&K P2000.

There is a lot of Fiocci ammo around at decent prices. Anyone has experience with that brand?
I got 38Sp 158 FMJ flat point priced at 18c/round (or less).

Then there was Fiocci 357Mag 142 FMJ flat point as 21c/round. I couldn't resist that despite strange bullet weight.

I also got Fiocci 40SW 170gr FMJ for 19c/round. I loaded up on that one as well, so I got discount to 17c/round.
I assume that was a good price? I saw Wolf 40 sold at Cabellas listed even cheaper at $140.99 for 1,000, but while my SKS eats Wolf ammo just fine, I am not sure yet about using it in H&K P2000.

I also got Federal 40SW Tactical Bonded 165 JHP for 50c/round for carry.

The most interesting find was Federal 38Special High-Velocity +P+ 147gr Hydra-shock JHP - for 30c/round!
According to the seller, it is basically a 38Special case loaded to 357Mag energy that his company got from police surplus after those got converted to semi-autos.

Does anyone have experience/opinions on those kinds of ammo, etc? I have been busy researching pistols lately but did not have time to look at ammo at all. I hope I didn't buy a lot of unsuitable stuff...

Fiocchi makes good ammo. I don't think you can go wrong with them. I have never used Wolff ammo. I hear complaints about them but I have no personal experience with them. Check AIM surplus ammo prices. They usually have good prices on ammo and had Fiocchi the last time I looked.

You might want to buy a few boxes first and see if you like a certain ammo. If you buy in bulk first, you might end up with a lot of ammo you don't like. I made this mistake with Aguilla .22 ammo and now I have 400 rounds of very dirty ammo.
I buy bulk from Sportsmans Guide. The prices are good and the service all right. Fiocchi is the lowest price right now since Wolf ammo has disappeared off the shelf. Once in a great while Cheaper than Dirt has some good sales also.
I started buying by the 1K during the 1990's when there was talk of putting primers with a 5 year shelf life in all ammo. Prices were very volatile at that time, one show I went to, every dealer was limiting primer purchases to 1 carton (several dealers didn't have any for sale). I usually keep 1k as reserve and 1k to shoot, plus some defensive rounds. I usually buy at gun shows. Last show I bought 1k .45 FMJ for $186 and 1k 9mm FMJ $122. I like the anonymity of gun show ammo buying.
Miwal ammo

I use 2 ammos for now, One is my factory home defense loads. 180 grain JHP, frangable bullets, iin a XD40,
My range ammo is Miwall that i buy at the gun show by the 1000. Last purchase was 119.99. 165 grain bullet. Nice shooting and lots of fun and no JAms or misfires in over a 1500 rounds. Have shot it in my CD40 and HK USP comppact 40.
CCI Brass 9mm has been around $6/50 lately.

I buy ammo by the case typically and keep 1000 rounds for each caliber weapon I have in house. Right now, that is 1000 9mm and 1000 .45acp and 2000 .22LR and 1000 8mm Mauser. There are others that I am waiting to stock up on for the next gun show.
That does not include home defense ammo such as Hydra-Shoks or Golden Sabres or Black Talons. Those don't count towards the thousand round rule.
Relatively Cheap Factory Ammo

There are 2 sites I know of where there's no additional charges above the online price for ammo:

You have to factor in shipping and handling, etc. to get true per round cost at all the rest, such as (in no particular order):
CCI Brass 9mm has been around $6/50 lately.

$5.97 last box I got at WalMart, but it's been a few weeks. Other than 9mm, I don't shoot factory ammo much. I just buy 9 cause it's nearly as cheap as I can reload with jacketed bullets. I can do a box a couple of bux cheaper if I use cast bullets, but I it's hardly worth the effort for a couple of bucks.
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