best place to buy ammo online?

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Jan 12, 2009
Atkins, AR
Looks like i'm finally getting my first 9 mil, an xdm 9 from a dude online. I work all over, so every time i pass a wal mart, i hop in and buy some 40 and 45 ammo if they have any. I've never seen 9mm, but i've never looked for it. Today i went to 4 wal marts in a 30 mile area and got 100 rounds of 40 jhp, 100 rounds of blazer brass 40 fmj, and 100 rounds of 45 jhp. That was at the last wally world i tried. No one had any 9mm to speak of. So where is a good place to get it online?

Right now the majority of the suppliers seem to be out of most of the ammo. I have a backorder in at Midway Usa and it is supposed to be in on the 14th of march. It has been backordered since 2/20. Midway is my choice of suppliers because if they have something in stock it is shipped the same day and they email you to tell you it is on it's way and give you the tracking number to check it. Also they are very supportive of the NRA and have just given them over $4million to help guard our 2Arights. Better get your order in. lol stay safe
Ive had some good luck with Kittery Trading Post recently.

And I reinforce Cabelas. Thier ammuniton arrives packed to the max.
I just got a wood crate with 900rds of Yugo 8MM shipped for $299. from Sportsman Guide. Fast shipment.
Uh, this is a time where online is not the answer. You wanna go local.

You can get if you look carefully

Colt M4's for $1499
Stag M4's for $749
Bushmaster M4's for $1299
Barrett 50 sniper M95? $9199
M203 Grenade Launcher for $295
40mm grenades @ $40 each

CCI Blazer Brass 45 ACP 230gr (clean ammo) for $14 / per 50
UMC Remington 223 MC 55gr for $25 / per 50
CCI Stinger 22 LR for $6 / per 50
CCI Minimags 22 LR for $5 / per 100

Every place I've tried is "OUT OF STOCK". So I started shopping local stores and WOW! It's ALL cheaper locally than online.

PS. I don't condone those type of weapons however "nice" they are. I love to "PLAY ARMY TOO". But you can get into some serious legal trouble with them.
Good Luck!
Reload. Your outlay up front would be quite a bit but if you're shooting as much as your ammo purchases indicate, over the long haul you'd save a HUGE amount of money..... and learn a lot too.
My favorite place is is almost always out of stock on ammo and their prices are higher than natchezss.
If you are looking for range ammo has high quality cast RN reloads for $9.18/50. If you have any 9mm brass to send them the price drops to $6.52/50. I have put ~500 rounds of the cast RN ammo through all 3 of my 9mm's with no ill effects.
+10 on Mastercast. I've fired more than 6,000 of their reloads, a thousand of which were 9mm lead truncated cone, without a single problem. Reliable, prompt and inexpensive. As pointed out above they are especially inexpensive if you send then your spent brass in exchange. I send the a thousand cases by USPS Priority Mail for nine bucks and change. Any other way I know of costs more than twenty.

Cordially, Jack
I agree with all of the comments regarding Mastercast. I have used their .38 special loads in 100 gr and 148 gr wadcutters and their 200 gr semiwadcutters in .45 auto and have been pleased with their performance. Have not tried the 9mm cast lead loads myself.
Currently just purchasing cast bullets for my 38's and 45 auto for reloading (in fact have a decent order in right now, couple thousand 38s and some 45's).
I believe you could still purchase 9mm without supplying your own cases. I believe this was also true for .40 S&W.
I know if you have interest in 38 special and 357 mag reloads you have to send in your own cases, they had NONE on hand.
I spoke with Kate at Mastercast today and she mentioned that they are back-ordered on ammunition and will probably not take any orders for a couple weeks to clear their backlog. This may not apply if anyones looking for cast bullets only.
So you may have to wait a short while but still worth contacting them now.
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