Ammo for my .380 PERU

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Jul 8, 2003
Hi guys!

Long time since my last post... I am posting because my usual carry ammo is no loger available in Peru (Magtech) and I have to rethink my choices... please remember that we are not allowed JHP, just FMJ or this new bullets that are like FMJ bit with a flat point...

I have already tried one box of Wnchester "Winclean" in my Glock 25, so far ok, but this ammo is for my new Baikal (Russian Makarov in .380 acp).

Which of the rounds in this website is the most powerful? have you tried any of those?

Thanks a lot for your help, I woukld like to try them all, but ammo is pretty expensive here inm peru
( 1 USD = 2.95 Soles), so a box of Win Clean is $ 28.50 for 50 shots!

This is the website
Maybe you should skip the flattened point because they don't feed reliably through lots of guns. Even with two guns of the same kind. Only way to tell for sure is by shooting hundreds of them through your gun and that's very expensive. Staying with regular full metal jacket is probably most reliable.
It would be awfully nice if you could find a very similar gun in 22 for target practice.
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