40gr High Vel or 30 gr Hiper Vel?

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Jul 8, 2003
Hi there!

Yesterday I was shooting at the range...it was .22lr day! So I picked up my P22 and had a blast... We don't get to buy Stingers or Velocitors here in Peru, but I was having a blast shooting Aguila's Super Maximum 30 gr... until a guy showed up and began shooting Winchester Super X High Velocity 40 gr... we were chatting and he said that even though my bullets were a tad faster, his bullets were heavier, and out of a small barrel like ours (3.4") it was no big difference, and heavier bullets penetrate better..

So I am in doubt here, if someone had to defend themselves with a .22lr, would it be better to do so with the Aguila or Winchester??

BTW, I shot about 300 rnds of each in my gun, and both worked great!! No a single FTF, FTF, FTE.... those only happen with remington ammo :)

Thanks in advance for your replys, we are meeting saturday again to shoot, and I would really appreciate some imput..

Edited to Add: Check out this website, this THE gun shop in Peru and they have absolutely every product you can get here. The link is to the ammo section. 9mm and .45 acp are for police only.


For reference, 1USD equals 2.998 Soles
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I've been using Winchester High Velocity HP 37 grain .22 LR in both my Colt Woodsman 6" barrel and a Marlin 22" barrel. Yes...Stingers run faster (1350 fps in the pistol and 1580 fps in the rifle), but I have have had better accuracy from the Winchesters (1050 fps in the pistol and 1210 fps in the rifle). It has a lot to do with what works for you. If you are getting good accuracy from the lighter bullets I doubt that the small game animal will even notice the difference.
I vote for penetration. The winchester 40 grain sounds like a winner. But if the hyper velocity rounds are accurate and reliable, shoot what you're comfortable with. My favorite rounds are 33 grain Remington Yellowjackets, but I didn't see them on the website you listed.
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