Another noob question short sleeve camo shirts.

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Feb 17, 2003
Hey guys another question from the rookie hunter. Are short sleeved camo shirts, a stupid idea? Got one on a whim when I grabbed my license, because I read it was going to be 80 degrees in the area we were hunting. Boy was that shirt comfortable. My bro said I should always wear long sleeves, is this true? This is for hogs and deer in Northern and Central California.
Camo's not necessary for hogs and deer. Mainly, just avoid bright colors. White is a danger-warning color for deer. Dull, earth-toned stuff, from khakis on through brown. With lots of trees/brush, dark green blends in okay. Pigs are pretty much nearsighted, and deer are very sharp on detecting motion.

Camo's pretty much a necessity for turkeys, and darned good for geese/ducks and doves. Birds see colors.

White is a danger-warning color for deer.​

Yeah, well, with how pale my skin is that means I better wear long sleeves. :)

patent was going to be 80 degrees in the area we were hunting...

Yikes, it's still winter here in Ohio. In the 40's, overcast and gloomy. At this point, I'd just like to be able to walk around with any short sleeve shirt.
I'll wear short sleeve camo for dove hunting, but for deer, I try to stick with a lightweight longsleeve when it's hot.
Long sleeves, camo or not, often preferable for being able to venture into "the briars and the brambles where a rabibit couldn't go." (Only Geezers will recognize the song that came from ;) ) Unfortunately, that's where the some of the smarter critters hang out.
"the briars and the brambles where a rabibit couldn't go."

Hey I'm 21 and I knew where that line was from.

The only time I make it a point to wear camo head to toe is when I'm coyote hunting. Other than that, the only reason I really wear camo is because of the waterproofing/quiet/comfort properties that I can't seem to find in clothes that ain't camo.

Something else to keep in mind is how quiet a fabric is when rubbed against itself or trees, branches, grass etc. If it seems loud in the store it is probably going to sound like a rock concert when you are out hunting.
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"...White is a danger-warning color for deer..." You're not that white. Movement will catch a deer's eye faster than any colour. Deer are colour blind.
Cammou tee shirts are daft, but a long sleeve will give you a bit of protection against some bugs and thorns. Any dark colour will do. A bug jacket would be good for hot weather hunting with or without the tee shirt.
elkhunter's sure right about clothing and noise. I'm mostly a walking hunter, and I spent a lot of time comparing different clothing.

Any newish cloth tends toward giving that "weep, weep..." sound. Wool is the least noisy, but a bit warm for most Texas hunting. Older, nearly wornout khakis seem to be the best compromise. They're softer. New Levis are a bummer, even though they help against thorns.

The type of boot makes a difference about noise, as well. I've found that a soft crepe-type sole is the quietest, although they do wear faster. The cost of faster wear, though, is trivial compared to all the other costs of hunting. The absolute last thing I want in a hunting boot is the "waffle stomper" style. :)

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