Anyone else impressed with Ruger's Handguns?

Are you impressed with Ruger's Handguns?

  • Not just yea, but heck yea!

    Votes: 363 65.2%
  • Eh...

    Votes: 126 22.6%
  • Can't stand Rugers

    Votes: 41 7.4%
  • Never tried one/no experience at all

    Votes: 27 4.8%

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I have 3 revolvers, 2 semi's, and a 10/22. I have tried to carry the 1911s, but the SP101 with 2.25" barrel in .357 is what makes most of the trips with me. I have a Single Six convertable that hits any dern thing I shoot at, the MKII is a blast to shoot. When I want to make big bangs, I pull out the Super Redhawk 7.5". The scoped 10/22 is not a ragged hole rifle, but it sure is fun. And the KP93DC is reliable, although the trigger is less than optimal. All in all I would say the love for Rugers is well deserved.
I think that they work well and that they're a good buy if you're short on cash, but I've never drooled over a Ruger the way I have pistols of other makes (Browning/Sig/Glock/Wilson Combat/Old Colt 1911's/Large framed big bore blued S&W revolvers etc). That's just me, but I can see why others like them though. I've just never liked the way they looked or felt personally. I don't think that they're a bad gun by any means, but they've just never blown my skirt up (btw, I don't really wear a skirt. I was just kidding).
Really like my P944 had a hard time with the DA trigger to start with but after I replaced the stock 22# stock hammer spring with a 19# one from Wolff it shoots like a different gun-Don't think anything could be any more reliable either. By the way, read on another board that the P-89 is being discontinued,P-95 also probably by the end of the year-Think as they come out with the new SR series guns the P series will be phased out.
I had a KP89 as my first auto. It was very inaccurate (not just because I was a new shooter- put another gun in my hand or my gun in someone else's hand and my gun still lost out in comparison).

I recently got rid of a KP345 which was nothing but trouble. The most unreliable gun I ever owned.

I have a MkII which has been a good gun, but is not shot often so I can't say how it would turn out after X thousand rounds.

I won't be buying another Ruger auto, but I may consider a revolver (the Vaquero or a used Police/Service/Security Six).
I like the Ruger MKII 22's and the 22/45's, I have a 22/45 and its a sweet target gun. I also very much like the Ruger revolvers, across the board, they are built like tanks, are accurate, and very durable. The autoloaders, that's a different story for me. I had a Ruger P-94 40 S&W and it was a POS, it was clunky, heavy, and not accurate worth a damn. I traded it on an XD-40, best decision I ever made. XD-40 = superior gun, my opinion.
KP89 as my first auto. It was very inaccurate
I have a P89 among 5 other Ruger autos, they're just as accurate as my Hi-power, my father's Sig P226 and Gold Cup NM.
You may have gotten a lemon. All makers put them out.
I currently have a 22/45 and a Redhawk in .45Colt. I've owned a KP94DC and a Super Blackhawk as well. The fit and finish may leave a little to be desired and the 94DC was really boxy, but I can't complain about the function of any of them. Great handguns!
I'm currently enamored with their revolvers (both DA and SA models) and can see myself getting a GP100 (definitely getting this one), SP101, Redhawk, Single Six and Vaquero in the future.

Can't really see myself buying any of their semi's as I really like the XD line.
I carry a Ruger SP101 everyday. My Ruger while not a thing of "BEAUTY" is a very well made revolver, it is accurate and relaible, it came at an affordable price. Like a good Stanley hammer or Klien pliers Craftsman wrenches, it's a good tool!

I voted eh.
I currently have 3 Rugers; a 10/22, 6" short shroud GP100 and a 3" short shroud GP100. I did own a 5 1/2 " .44 magnum Redhawk but sold it because I am not into the .44 magnum cartridge. I think the 3" GP100 is one of the most versatile and ergonomically comfortable revolvers on the market. It would be one of the last guns I would ever get rid of.
Currently in the fold:

3 SP101s
2 Redhawks
4 MkIIs
1 NM Blackhawk
1 Old Model Flattop Blackhawk
1 P95
1 P97
1 Bearcat
As far as Ruger revolvers, nothing but good words for them.... Bearcats, Blackhawks,Redhawks,GP's... Ruger rimfire autos the same... I dont really care for the "P" series autos.. No real problems with any of them, just not my cup of tea. I guess thats why there are so many different brands to choose from.
I think their revolvers are fantastic. My dad has had a Mk I for about 40 years that is completely hammered and still performs.

But I have yet to be impressed by their p-series autos. A friend of mine has a p-95 DC because his wife thought it had a greater price than the other pistols he was looking at, and he never shoots it now. It has a creepy trigger that won't seem to break in. I have been intrigued enough by the specs on the 345 to want to give it a look, but I haven't had a chance yet.
I currently own a gp100,new vaquero 45 colt,alaskan 454 casull,single six and 50th anniversary flattop 44 magnum. All are great shooters and never a problem with any of them. I dont want to start a big debate here but the most impressive thing about the rugers is the pounding they can take. I always hear stuff about smiths and colts models that you shouldn't shoot a steady diet of full bore 357mags or 44mags out of them. Something about stretching the frame or shooting them out of time. If I pay for a gun that says 357mag on the barrel it better damn well be able to shoot as many hot 357s as I care to put through it without any issues. Ruger rules , the toughest revolvers ever made bar none:neener:
In a time when most products made in America are either junk or outlandishly expensive and sometimes both, I am proud to say I own a Ruger! ;)
Not a whole lot of love for Ruger centerfire autoloaders. It's a shame; I have a P95 in stainless and I think it's great. They're reliable as hell, will take thousands of rounds of torture, they'll feed and fire anything including +P and +P+ (which is why they're bulky; the chamber has the thickest walls of ANY pistol I've seen), they field-strip in seconds, and they ARE accurate. I've yet to outshoot mine, and from the bench I can achieve some excellent groupings. Downsides are a less than crisp SA trigger and the requirement, out-of-box, of a Hogue Hand-All before it would stay put in my hand.
Started out with a used .22 autopistol in 1959, have owned stock in the company since 1980. (No, it doesn't always go up!).

Not sure how many I have owned or given to other members of the family--but it's got to be well up in the double digits. May start thinning the herd one of these days, so it will be interesting to see which ones remain after that.

No longer have that first .22 pistol, which is a shame. Picked up a very beat-up duplicate of it some years ago and rehabilitated it. With a trigger job, does it ever shoot...everybody in the family got one sooner or later.

Have used the Security/Service Six series for over 25 years. The only competition they have for durability and value are the GPs. Only have one of the latter but it has been worked over and is one primo pistol.

The SAs are good working guns. I do not shoot SAs all that well compared to DAs but I have a favorite NM .45 Convertible that likes me, and a NM New Vaquero that is shaping up nicely. We have a couple of old Flattops around, but the NMs serve as well and are expendable if it comes to that.

Only owned one Ruger rifle, an early Ranch Mini. We were not compatable, and I soon sold it. Have trifled with the P-series autoloaders, and have been completely underwhelmed by all of them. But then the furthest I have ever really strayed from 1911s has been to own a couple of BHPs because they are cool.

Most of my S&Ws are safe queens or eye candy, more for show than for go. The Rugers are the ones that go out the door with me 95% of the time. They're a year-in-year-out tool, sort of the American version of a Swiss knife.
Ruger DA's are superb modern revolvers...

Over the years I've owned two Speed-sixes, two SP101's and two GP100's.

All of them have been excellent reliable handguns, requiring some 'tweaking' as they arrived from the factory, but never failing.

Single actions no longer interest me, but of my three Rugers the old model Bearcat and the Super Blackhawk were fine -the new model Bearcat was a "lemon". Guess every manufacturer has them.

Ruger's autoloaders seem 'clunky' to me but there's no doubt that they are tough and reliable.
1 Ruger Old Army
1 Stainless blackhawk 4 5/8" .45 colt
1 blued blackhawk 6.5" .357 Magnum
1 2.3" SP101
1 KP90DC
1 P85
1 10/22

I've owned and traded off a Security Six and a P95.

Yes, I really like Rugers, all of 'em. I don't particularly have a need for some of 'em (ie mini14), but they're great guns! I just wish they had more variety in their revolvers, like a compact, light .38 pocket carry for example.

Of the centerfire auto pistols, the P90 is the absolute gem. It's unGODly accurate and reliable, nice trigger. It's a little fat, but it's only 33 ounces unloaded, not bad for a full size service pistol. It's also unbreakable.

Gotta give credit where credit is due - I admit that they are robust and reliable. That also makes them a fair value for the $.

I am just not a fan of the triggers on their semi auto pistols.
Love mine! I have an old model Vaquero in 45 colt, a Blackhawk convertable in 357, a P345 and am waiting to hear more on the new 9mm that Ruger has coming out. I also have a 10/22 target rifle and a Ruger No.1 in 300wm. I like my Rugers.
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