Anyone have an 'active shooter' bag you really like?

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I have one of the Galati mag bags that strat81 posted a pic of. It's well made but heavy when loaded up, especially with AK mags. I currently have it inside of a Timbuktu laptop bag, along with some other stuff. I have the flaps folded down so I can get at the mags once I push back the flap on the laptop bag.

I also have one of the Countycomm EOD bags, which I don't think you can beat for the money. Mine is setup as a survival kit/possibles bag.


I added a Maxpedition shoulder strap pad to the EOD bag. Without it, I find that the strap digs into my shoulder. I also added a Maxpedition mini-Roly-Poly to hold a 32 oz. Nalgene.
Great thread. Information like this keeps people from buying $1,000 worth of ballistic nylon that is not right and still not answering the need for a "grab and go" bag. Being rather rural I also have concerns about this scenerio and have "gamed" several options and decided to go with a vest instead of a bag. Here are my reasons:
1) The vest holds enough to support me for a short engagement a short distance from home but helps me resist the everything including the kitchen sink mentality of a bigger bag type system.
2) Once on the vest can not spill, get filled with dirt or be left behind accidentally.
3) Movement with any sort of bag was always hard for me. The strap caught on every doorknob, branch and rock in the immediate area. You really haven't lived until you run down a hallway and have a shoulder strap catch on a sturdy door knob. Crawling is also difficult. My bag acted like a tractor scoop and collected about 5 lbs of rocks and pine cones in less than 50 feet of low crawling.
4) The bag is more likely to be appropriated for other purposes and then not restocked or placed back where it belongs. The vest is more mission specific.

I got several medium priced vests from CTD and set up one for each caliber (223, 308, 12ga) and store them rolled and bungied to the specific weapon they are designed for. This system works for me, YMMV

The problem with the vest is that it stands out to much and you are showing all your cards so to speak.
Wow. Was notified of a new post in this thread, so I guess I will update. I purchased an unused Hawkepak Civil Defense Survival Kit last year and have been very happy w/ it. I believe I have run it in one carbine class and monthly matches since late last year. It is very well constructed. I carry an IFAK/VOK in one side pocket and a 32oz water bottle in the other. I moved the 3x2 rifle mag shingle to the interior and only use one of the double pistol mag shingles in the exterior pocket. I have various other odds and ends like a Rapid Rod stashed here and there, but I do not overload it. I use it as a grab-n-go rifle fighting bag.
I like the Maxpedition, Pantac makes one that I have, it does have a little more molle on it, a mesh water bottle holder, a pouch on top of the flap for my glasses, an additional outside zipper (outside above the flap) that opens up and has a velcro wall and I just stuck a universal velcro holster there, so always have easy access to your pistol w/o opening your bag. (I put my passport, docs in it last time I traveled to Viet Nam, documents stayed save and secure. Numerous pockets, water resistant (drawstring waterproof pouch in main pouch extends maybe 4" above pouch pocket and is big enough I crammed 8 PMAGs, loosely in there) a nifty velcro loop so you can latch it on your belt so it doesnt slide around. The strap is strong seatbelt material and this little bag can hold some WEIGHT! Love it cuz it's not conspicuous, but rugged and solid construction that keeps my stuff safe.


I think the SOTECH mission bag is great, but if you want a similiar style that you less conspicuous and you could carry anywhere, I like Pantac's low profile courier bag

or Pantac's Messenger bag

I like Pantac because their stuff is STRONG, solid stitching, tough and a good price. I also like my grab bags not so "tactical" looking. A bag that I can use in the city as well as the outdoors (there are a lot of indoor ranges here too) my $.02

****sorry for the big pics, don't know how to resize them But at least you can get a better look.
Never kept a magazine loaded until I got a few Magpuls. Already have an emergency kit in the jeep (first aid, blanket, dry socks, TP, shovel, chains, etc).

I bought a 4 mag LBV long ago for a photoshoot that works well, though it's hardly discreet.
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