Anyone try Prvi's 357 ammo?

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You certainly got a good price on full house .357.

I have used them and they seem pretty warm, so their numbers are probably at least close, and that helps. I own a 70's vintage Mod-19 that I stay with 158 gr. bullets for because of the forcing cone issues. I doubt very much that bullet performance will come close to the major players in defense ammo nowadays, but I darn sure don't want to catch one.

I like it for the range and seems to be good consistent quality. I will still load something else if I intend serious business. All in all I consider them a great deal.

P.S. Darn sure wouldn't feel unarmed with them either, just not top of the marque, at that price who could complain?
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Yup. Works good in my 686+'s and my SP101's. No problems yet and the price beats anything local even with shipping. (got mine from another seller)
Funny thing that Prvi ammo, at least in .38 special.

I once bough several boxes of their 158 grain LRN .38 special, and found it horribly dirty and it leaded the barrel of my S&W 642 badly. I'm talking this thing shot out smoke like it was loaded with black powder. I shot it once in an indoor range, and it smoked up the whole thing in short order!!

BUT, just recently I ordered some of their 130 grain FMJ .38 specials. WOW, they were the cheapest FMJ .38 special I could find on the net, and boy are they nice! They shoot VERY clean, are accurate, and seem very consistent. Hopefully they changed some things at Prvi Partisan at least in the .38 special loads, seems they have.
Prvi Partisan 158 grain SJHP .357 cartridges are the standard with which I judge the accuracy and precision of my .357 magnum revolvers.

That is always the very first cartridge I fire out of a 'new to me' .357 to see how well it shoots for me. They are the most accurate generally available .357 magnum rounds I have found. ... and the price is usually right
I am a big fan of their 44 Mag /300 gr load and their 5.56 M193, I think I might have to buy some of this 357 to try out.
I just orderd a case of Prvi In 308PSPBT 165gr to try out in the FNAR and if I like it I just might try some in 357 for the GP100 and the Lever..
I just ordered 200 rounds (would have done more but for $) of the Privi that Dr. Rob shared with us. I voted with my wallet.

P.S. I have also good success and confidence in their .30/.30 and 7mm 08.
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I bought some from Midway a while back. Shot it into milk jugs and denim covered milk jugs out of 2 and 4 inch barrels and got zero expansion. The lead at the tip smeared and flattened or tore off, but no mushrooms from them. I will have to look around for the recovered bullets and see if I still have them. If that is good or bad performance I guess just depends what you intend to shoot them at. They should penetrate pretty deeply and the price is certainly hard to go wrong with.
No experience with that particular round, but all the Prvi ammo that I have shot has been good. It seems to shoot clean, it's reliable, it's brass cased, and it's fairly accurate and usually cheaper than other makes.
I have not tried their .357 mag ammo. I just might try some when pay day comes around again if it is in stock. I use PPU 7.62x39 123 gr SP for hog and deer hunting. Taken a few of both with one shot kills. They seem a little hotter than most rounds in that caliber but I like the added punch. Selway is showing 40 in stock as I write this post.
I actually ran through a cylinder of this ammo today with my blackhawk. Manged to recover the round in the picture after it went through a chunk of pressure treated 4x4 I like to make jump around. Opened up very reasonably considering the other hollow points I have tried haven't opened up at all after going through lumber.


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I've had problems with bullet setback using ppu brass for reloading so I avoid it in certain calibers, but if you don't use the brass it goes boom every time and it's cheap.
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