Sep 1, 2021
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I have some factory ammo that is over 10 years old and has minor corrosion discoloring, will Flitz in a tumbler remove the minor corrosion? Which media is the best to use, Walnut or Corn Cob? I recently used Never Dull and Scotch Brite and 0000 Steel Wool to remove the corroded spots,and then tumbled with Nu Finish to coat the casings. The corrosion is just dark spots on the casings but people say to not use Never Dull cause it contains Ammonia. I thought that I might switch to FLITZ MEDIA ADDITIVE, (no ammonia) is Flitz that good? How long does the Vibrator have to run? I would like to know so I don't destroy my factory ammo. No green just dark spots on the brass.
Thanks, 74man
If regular tumbling, whether wet or dry doesn’t remove those spots I ignore them and move on, as long as the integrity is still intact. I load too many rounds to worry about such things.
FLITZ MEDIA ADDITIVE, (no ammonia) is Flitz that good?

Yes. As is Dillon rapid polish, and probably several others.

How long does the Vibrator have to run?

Depends on how much polish you add and how long you want to run it. I use it on fired cases (in treated corn cob media) and let the vibrator/tumbler run for a few hours. It can get the cases looking like new on the outside if you run it long enough.

It will depend on how long you want to tumble/vibrate loaded ammo. I have no advice on that subject.

You could just try Flitz on a rag and hand polish. I haven't tried that but it might work as well as anything. I don't know.

Edit to add - the cases can be as clean as new, but not as shiny as new cases.
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I use a scratching tool. Either a wire brush, a blade or a pick. If that isnt enough, id putch them.
Why not post up a pic for us to see?
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I would start with a green or brown Scotch-brite pad
“I recently used Never Dull and Scotch Brite and 0000 Steel Wool to remove the corroded spots, and then tumbled with Nu Finish to coat the casings.”

You’ve already done this and expect Flitz to do more? Manage your expectations.

Buy some Flitz, take your worst cartridge, put Flitz on a cloth, rub the heck out of it.

If the results are satisfactory, tumble, tumble, tumble.

If not, shoot ‘em, then wet tumble with pins.

Good luck!
Yeah if you have tried scotch brite and 0000 then I would just shoot them as is when the time comes, THEN clean off the tarnish from the brass. To keep from more tarnish I would tumble with some NuFinish or such for 15 min or so before putting them away though.

I jave used Brasso to remove tarnish in the past with no ill effects. Just don't marinate the brass in amonia or let mice build a nest/ toilet on top of a bucket full and you'll be OK. These days I use IOSSO case cleaner to remove any bad tarnish before I wet tumble as it speeds up the total time to clean the batch of brass. YMMV
One more thing about Flitz…it’s a mild surface polish that can be used on everything including paint.

I don’t know how one measures abrasiveness but I only partially in jest say toothpaste is more abrasive.

edit: see post below. Toothpaste is more abrasive than Flitz
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MANY MANY years ago, there was a story going around, that a lifer in the pen used dental floss and tooth powder as a file, to cut the bars in his cell and escaped. Took him many years. Can't remember what i did yesterday but i remember the fun facts from 70 years or so ago
That’s when dental floss was dental floss.

Just a couple weeks ago an escapee had reportedly used a toothbrush to dig a hole or something like that. So, it’s still a thing.

Apparently forensic examiners knew it was a toothbrush by the circular pattern of the digging.
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