Case Cleaning Media

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Feb 22, 2006
Beautiful Western Colorado
I recently had to replace the media for my vibratory case cleaner, and decided to try Walkalong's suggestion to use Grainger's blast media in the 20/40 grit size:

Well, this old dog has officially learned a new trick. Excellent stuff, that 20/40 ground corn cob media. No more media stuck in the flash holes, and a nice, bright shine to the brass (ok, I also use some Flitz tumbler/media additive).

Thanks for the suggestion!
Throw in a cut up used fabric softer sheet with each batch of brass this keeps the bowl cleaner, helps cut down, dust. and over helps with keeping the media batch cleaner.
If you want Bling Bling brass Flitz or Iosso....
I've used the Flitz, Nu-Finish, Cabalas Brass Polish, Turtle Liquid Auto Polish, they all polish about the same. Personnally I can't tell the difference. They all use a white polish compound.

The one thing the auto polishes do is add a little wax or other finish to stop the brass from tarnishing. Also most everybody has those open partial bottles, cans of car cleaner wax.

It's nothing magical about it, polishing compound, media, and a finish wax.

PS--Never used the Iosso.
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