AR-15 Bushmaster 10 Round Magazines

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Dec 26, 2002
The Midwest
I don't want to get into that debate about the post ban magazine limit of 10 rounds, so please, fellow THR members, do not complain. The law is the law.

I just want to recommend the Bushmaster factory 10 rounders. They look cool, like 20 rounders, but they only hold 10 rounds. Absolutely BATF approved, completely legal, no questions asked, and they are solid and totally reliable. The aluminum construction is clearly thicker and they have green followers. The base is a solid ABS black plastic.

I am a new AR-15 owner, and I have found pre-ban 20 and 30 round magazines to be unreliable and expensive. And who needs the potential of picking up an illegal component that would make you a felon?

I guess I would rather have lots of reliable 10 rounders. The Bushmaster 10 round AR-15 magazine is only $15 bucks. Stock up. I am.
With the upcoming season,I picked up a 2nd 10 rounder for the Bushmaster.
I've got nearly 1,000 rounds thru the original 10 round mag with no hiccups.
I also picked up a 10 rounder clear polymer mag from DPMS.It's a beaut and functions as well as the Bushmaster 10 rounder.It sits shorter into the mag well and makes your hold on the mag well more stable.($20.00)
bad dad brad:

Not to incite debate, but are you saying that 20 and 30 round mags are illegal to put into a postban '15? I thought that the mags being 'grandfathered' put an end to that problem? Correct me if I'm wrong.
Just a question, not a flame.
No flame here either, but I find $15 GI 30 round mags all the time at gun shows. I've had no problems at all with them. Usually 80% finish on them, which doesn't matter to me as long as they work.
As far as I know, I could be wrong, but I am under the impression
that any AR mag manufactured after the ban is maked Military and LEO on it. Any clarification on this point would be welcome.
You can own and use all the twenties and thirties you like, as long as they are preban and you don't live in one of the more screwed up states, like New Jersey. Postban rifle, preban mags, no problem.

Postban mags are clearly marked as such. Unless you are buying sight unseen, the markings are hard to miss.

I have one ten rounder. It works fine. So do all my preban twenties and thirties. Bigger is better. Thirty rounders for $25.00 or twenty rounders for $20.00 are more economical than ten rounders, too.:D
If I'm not mistaken, Bushmaster has two types of ten round magazines.

The older series make great five round hunting magazines if you seperate the halves and reinsert the mag block in the upper portion. I then used a rivet to secure the block.

Here in Fl you can only have five rounds max in a semi auto magazine fed rifle.

Good Shooting
mark mjc...

"As far as I know, I could be wrong, but I am under the impression that any AR mag manufactured after the ban is marked Military and LEO on it."

You are correct. I have a 20-round Colt AR-15 mag on my desk which I keep as a sample (I am military and can legally possess itfor military purposes - ONLY!). It has the manufacture date (month and year) on one side and the post-ban warning on the other. "RESTRICTED MILITARY/GOV'T/LAW ENFORCEMENT/EXPORT USE ONLY". The Beretta 92 mags we get are similarly marked.
I wonder if Bushy is cutting 20s and 30s to make these 10s. If so, thanks for helping to diminish our already shrinkig supply and their ever increasing prices.
You think there's a Bushmaster guy hanging around gunshows in a trenchcoat, scarfing up all the primo prebans for conversion to 10-rounders?
As far as I know, I could be wrong, but I am under the impression that any AR mag manufactured after the ban is maked Military and LEO on it. Any clarification on this point would be welcome.

Some are marked as such, but many are marked with just the CAGE number and the date of manufacture. Center Industries Corp is one of those who just mark the date. Anyone buying AR15 magazines should check them thoroughly for a restricted stamping or date stamping.

Good Shooting
I have two of the Bushmaster AR mags. They run great. My buddy and I recently ordered a few more for use with our .458 SOCOM uppers. The .458 SOCOM uses the standard 5.56 Nato mag, but it holds far less ammo. These 10 round mags therefore are to be used when big game hunting.
I own quite a few 20 and 30 round AR mags (and I guess quite a few AR rifles). In fact I am sure I have owned over 50. I have only had problems with two of them. One is a USA brand 40 round mag. and the other is a very well used and abused 30 round GI mag. All the others have run flawlessly.
I presonally think you should buy as many mags as possible and I also think it is wise to get all the variations. Each one seems to have it's own use. The 30s are great for general shooting/defense/SHTF............ The 20s are much easier for me to shoot offhand as I like to brace my weak hand elbow against my side. The 10 rounders are great for shooting off the bench or when hunting. The only hunting I have ever done with an AR was coyote hunting and jackrabbit shooting. Here in Nevada, there are no restrictions on magazine size for these varmints, but you seldom shoot more than 10 rounds and it makes the rifle a little easier to handle with the short mag.
OK, This may be the wrong place, and I'm probably going to get a spanking, but anyone want to take one off my hands? I'll let it go for $15 + shipping. (Priority mail at $4)
Bought a new Bushmaster, never used it, sold gun, forgot to give the guy the mag.
The "Frankenmags" that Bushmaster was providing a couple years ago were brand new LaBelle thirty round mags that were cut, shortened, and riveted together to make ten round mags. LaBelle used to manufacture magazines for Bushmaster, as well as for DPMS.

A lot lf people complained that the sliced and spliced mags worked poorly, although the one I have works fine. It was enough of a problem that Bushmaster exchanged the new style ten rounders (after they were available) for the Frankenmags for customers who were unhappy.
The last time I checked, those 10 round mags arent legal for CMP matches as they were never military issue. Thats not a very good thing if you want to get into competition.

Redlg155: The ATF's position is that if it doesnt have the "LEO/Military Only etc etc" stamp, then its legal for civilians to possess as people cant be expected to know and understand every date code used by every company.

If a 10 round mag is to be used in Service Rifle competition, it must have the outside dimensions of a 20 or 30 rounder...that's all.

It is a shame that some Labelles were converted...we can only hope that they were Post-bans and not Pre-bans.
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