AR10 6.5 Creedmoor Build Options

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by LRShooting, Oct 21, 2015.

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  1. LRShooting

    LRShooting Member

    Jan 10, 2014
    First things first...Ive never build an AR. I contemplated it before I build my precision rifle, but decided that Id rather have a precision rifle good to 2000 yards or so and then build an AR later. My budget was way over shot, but I like the gun and Im glad I have what I have.

    That being said, I dont really even know where to start on an AR. Especially an AR that is not standardized, and then putting a caliber that its not typically chamber for in it. I am sticking with 6.5 CM though. Its a good round, little recoil, big potential, and will do anything I want from 0 yards to way way out there because of the BCs you can get with them 140 grain bullets. I also like the fact I can mag feed when seating out into the lands on some bullets. Thats one of the biggest reasons I like them. Maybe you cant seat the lands either way with AR platforms. No experience there :)

    Here is what im looking for:
    -Sub MOA at 100 yards
    -Long range capability to 1000+ (Creedmoors can make it past 1500 with the right setup in bolt guns), but the gun has to have that quality as well.
    -Adjustable stock (Easy enough, seems like you just buy the whole thing and attach it, but adjustable because I like to have a short gun when in brush and longer for precision work)
    -Not necessarily looking for shots way past 1000, I have a gun for that already. So I dont really need a super long barrel to get my velocity. I was thinking 20 or 22 would be nice. Ill eventually get something like a 18inch 338 fed barrel and run a suppressor on it and therefore, Im not looking for a real short barrel initially. I never had any problems hunting with 22 inch barrels on deer rifles before.
    -Id like to keep under 1500, preferably under 1000. However, if I need to spend an extra 500 to get what I want, i guess I will. I honestly think even $2k isn't necessarily enough for what Im asking.
    -Id say more but it seems that since Sub MOA and long range capability kind of sums everything else up.

    Seems like a fairly simple list given the money is there. Im just lost at which components to look for, which ones to stay away from.

    Then there is the issue of DI vs gas piston. I dont mind cleaning the gun, and DI has been around a long time. I have seen numerous articles stating there is no real accuracy difference between them, DI is cheaper, and also has the potential to be more reliable if you get debris or anything in them because there are less moving parts. I have no idea though.

    DPMS vs Armalite? Seems that DPMS has more options, but Armalite really has the true and best AR10. Im guessing ill end up with DPMS though, as armalite lowers and parts seem scarce compared to DPMS. Although Rainier arms and JP does have a lower in armalite so Im going to base my build off that till i decide otherwise.

    I dont need a super gun with all the frills and bells. Im going to mount a nice 2.5-10 or similar scope on it and call it good. 2.5 is plenty small enough for deer hunting which is my main concern when Im hunting brush. Of course you might be going "why are you getting a AR if you are just gonna hunt deer?". Im not just hunting deer, I just want it capable to do so. Its going to be my fun gun and Ill save my 7mm mag for long range work only.
  2. Txhillbilly

    Txhillbilly Member

    Jul 26, 2008
    Where Else! TEXAS
    The DPMS platform is the best way to go,the aftermarket is more biased towards it. Back when I was wanting to buy/build one,it was going to take too long to get a 6.5 CM barrel in the length/contour that I wanted so I just bought a DPMS LR-260H. I wanted a light weight rifle for hog hunting mainly,and something that I could shoot at longer ranges for fun.
    It has served that purpose very well.
    I think I paid around $900 for the rifle,new,and all I changed was the stock and the trigger on it. I hand load for everything I shoot,and this 260 Remington shoots great. While I can't load the 140 grain match bullets out near the lands like I can for my bolt actions,it shoots excellent. I've shot under sub-moa groups out to 700 yards with this rifle when I was on my game.


    I shoot a 6.5 CM bolt action that I built,and really wanted to have one in the "AR10" style platform but nobody made one in the configuration that I wanted it in,and it would've cost me a lot more money,and took a lot more time to get all the parts together to assemble one.
    I'm very happy with this rifle,but still might buy a 6.5 CM barrel for it at a later date. I've built several AR15's over the years,but with the bigger platform you really need to know what you need to buy for each different platform out there. Good Luck!
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