AR15 scope mount question

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Dec 9, 2005
Can anyone tell me if a Rock River tactical AR15 flat top can mount a scope with a quick disconnect Picatinny base directly or is a special rail needed to accept the mount?

Thanks in advance
I wouldn't bet my life, or an ethical shot on game, on a picatinny mount returning to zero unless it was specifically designed to do so.

If you want to QD and return to zero, you really need to invest in rings or bases that are designed for that.

LaRue, ADM, and GG&G make decent one-piece QD mounts.

Leupold and several others make QD rings.

-- John
Yes. The RRA flattop can accept the Picatinny (MIL SPEC 1913) QD mounts. I use the LaRue on my RRA upper and it returns to zero every time.
Oh wait... I think I misunderstood the question.

Yes.. QD picatinny bases will fit directly to the flattop. My mistake. I thought you were asking if a picatinny mount would return to zero after removing.

-- John
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