Back Behind Bars ( Tony Martin's burglar busted again )

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Dec 24, 2002


Martin's burglar Fearon on car rap

By Rod Chaytor and Jane Kerr

THE burglar shot and wounded by farmer Tony Martin was back in jail last night after just six weeks of freedom.

Career villain Brendon Fearon, 33, was remanded in custody to face a charge of taking a vehicle without the owner's consent.

Last night Mr Martin, who was jailed for shooting dead Fearon's accomplice Fred Barras during their raid on his home, said he wasn't surprised Fearon was back in prison.

"He probably thought the weather was a bit hot and he wanted somewhere cool," Mr Martin said.

"He probably thought he was untouchable."

The farmer's supporters said they hoped the dramatic development would prove the final nail in the coffin in Fearon's attempt to seek £100,000 in civil court damages from Mr Martin for "loss of earnings".

He claims the wounds he suffered while raiding Bleak House in Emneth Hungate, Norfolk, ruined his life.

Mr Martin's friend, businessman Malcolm Starr, said: "It is time for this ridiculous legal action, which continues to torment Tony, to be thrown out. Fearon is nothing more than a parasite on society."

After serving his sentence for burgling the farm he said he was so haunted by the death of Barras, 16, that he would never offend again. Yet he was later sentenced to 18 months after a jury at Nottingham crown court heard how he supplied heroin to a fellow criminal.

Magistrates in Fearon's home town of Newark, Notts, yesterday remanded him to Lincoln Prison. He is accused of taking a car belonging to Paul Samuels - a friend of his brother Gary - without consent and driving it without insurance.

Gary claimed: "He's been stitched up."

Some poor guys just cant get a break. :rolleyes:

Doesn't make it sound like Grand Theft Auto... more like a simple joyride in the countryside whilst being mollycoddled... No that's not right.

I think he was framed by his brothers friend due to the impairment he received at the hands of a demented shotgun weilding maniac bent on luring him into a trap by convieniently leaving his downtrodden farmhouse available for the plucking... I mean his brother's friend left the car there for anyone to (ahem) borrow, right?

Poor, poor boy. er man.

Ah...the follies one encounters when viewing retrograde empires from afar!

I can hardly believe that I am actually blood-related to some of the fruitloop Brits. :what: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
A key component common in our systems of justice is the repeat offender. "Three Strikes" laws recognize the incorrigible and reward him with stronger punishment.
ah yes duncan, we are that retrograde (whatever happened to rrader?) that we imprison those who break the law.....
Why bother? You are only going to let them out again in an absolutely shamefully short time. You know as well as I do that he will be victimizing people minutes after you let him out.

Oh, but I forgot, you consider him to be the victim. Doubleplusgood. :rolleyes: :uhoh: :barf:
Too bad Tony Martin didn't finish em both off....Criminals are criminals for life, most can't be rehabilitated.
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