FARMER Tony Martin left prison yesterday — and one of the burglars he shot will walk

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If someone breaks into your house and you fear for your life or the life of your loved ones, lethal force is justified. I know in South Carolina the attorney general declared "open season on home invaders" a few years back. He said that anyone shooting someone who has invaded your home would not be prosecuted. That makes a hell of a lot more sense to me than arresting the person defending their home. I can't beieve this is even being debated. The gun laws in Britain are ridiculous. No, the gun laws in the US are ridiculous, so I guess the gun laws in Britain are ludicrous.
If someone breaks into your house and you fear for your life or the life of your loved ones, lethal force is justified


Unless the firearm you use to defend your life is "unregistered" ala the last couple of infamous shootings in NYC, in which case you are still charged with a crime and now face those legal consequences as well.

And then, should you have witnesses who can and will testify that they heard you state, "I'll kill any so and so who"...

We've got enough situations here in the good old US of A that need rectifying if thats possible; absurd law enforcement (maybe selective law enforcement is a better choice) like the old man in the Baltimore jail who owns arms and blackpowder and belongs to the wrong group or have uttered words of despair that threatens an opposing political viewpoint... and has all (what was it) $8,000 of their savings confiscated (forfeiture laws doncha know)...

No need to rag on agricola and his fine countrymen and their political shenanigans. Lets clean up the mess here if we can, before its too late.

Or else we'll be in a similar boat, up a similar creek with no paddle in sight.

MicroBalrog, I think the UK must somehow have exempted itself from that self-defense standard. Remember the story of the paraplegic who used pepper spray to stop a mugger and was himself arrested and charged (for the illegal possession of the pepper spray, as Agricola took great pains to point out, and not for the actual act of self-defense.) :rolleyes:
As far as I know, I do not have to register my guns. Maybe NYC has gun registration, but i have guns that aren't "registered." If I had to use one of them to defend myself, alhtough I hope that never happens, I do not expect to be charged with a crime. I do not think we have slipped to point the English have, to the extent that self-defense is practically illegal. Nor do we have gun registration except in the big cities, which is why I don't go to the big city. We do need to clean up our own mess before we do have a de facto illegalization of self-defense here.
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