Barrel Bushing Question for 1911 Tuner

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Apr 25, 2004
I saw on another board a reference to "barrel springing" in a thread about fitting 1911 barrel bushings. What fitting difficiency results in barrel springing? Heck, what exactly is barrel springing?

Is the correct fit for the i.d. of a barrel bushing just "snug" with the barrel, or is there a more scientific test?



Howdy Rockstar,

To test for barrel springing, push the barrel into battery position in the slide with the bushing in its assembled position. With the slide inverted, push the barrel down firmly into the slide and watch it closely when you let it go. If it moves upward...even a tiny bit...the bushing to barrel fit is a little too tight, and needs to be either looser, or the bushing needs to be relieved
a little at the rear upper area where the barrel is making contact so that the barrel can tilt upward in the battery position.

You can use a simple HSS lathe blank to scrape a semi-circle relief, or you can make a neat scrape from an old triangular file by removing the teeth
on a belt sander. The same scrape can be remove a tiny bit of material from the bushing ID, but I'd only recommend this trick in a pinch. Better to spin the bushing in a lathe and use a small boring bar to cut a half thousandth or so out of the fitting area of the bushing. Polish it afterward with emery cloth on your finger, but be careful if you do it on a lathe. If the bushing's "ears" hit your finger, it'll cut to the bone.
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