1911 slide return question

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May 9, 2005
a 1911-a1 springfield...fitted match bushing, barrel "welded-up" at hood and
bottom lug and fitted, slide and frarme "fitted" for snug fit...all good EXCEPT...
that last 1/2 as slide returns to battery has a bit of a "catch" in it..a little "bump" in the slide as it closes that last 1/2 inch or so...if return slide slowly by hand can feel a significant drag in that last bit of closing.
is this: link pin size? Top lug fit? Bushing "barrel spring"? bottom lug fit?
I can see no indication of injury to top lugs on barrel or in hood.
If the top lugs check out ok, the bottom lugs may be interfering with the link. Were they properly re-cut after welding them up?

I have encountered this a couple of times with my own gunsmith fit barrels on 1911's.

The slide stop pin goes through the link, then the slide stop pin has to clear the front of the lower barrel lug without actually contacting it anywhere. A hitch or "catch" describes this malady pretty accurately.

Most any home 1911 smith, or better yet, a good gunsmith, could diagnose this in just a few minutes. Either the link was not properly selected, or someone may need to relieve the front of the lower barrel lug just enough to provide sufficient swinging clearance for the slide stop pin.

Look for a shiny spot on the front of the lower lug.
Remove barrel, guide and spring. Then place slide on frame and feel for hitch when hand cycling. Might be swage down on frame rail not releaved enough when slide goes to battery.
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