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Sep 26, 2010
Does anyone have any suggestions for a good set of barrel vise blocks? I am not to keen on the idea of the aluminum style blocks that are used for the AR15. Primarily I will use the blocks for AR15 style guns. But would also like something to use on my bull barrel bolt actions with threaded barrels. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
I have used homemade hard wood (oak or hickory) blocks for 'special' barrels I didn't have blocks to fit in the past.

Also sheet lead inside steel blocks to bush them down smaller & protect the barrel.

But it depends on the design of your barrel vice whether or not you can use wood blocks.

You can also cast blocks out of Acraglass molded to fit the barrel.

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Thank you rcmodel. So do I need a special vise? I was under the impression that I could use my normal bench vise?
A normal small cast iron bench vice should suffice for AR-15 work, maybe

It most certainly for sure won't suffice for bolt-action barrels though.

AR barrels are not torqued in that tight due to the aluminum upper receiver. A regular bench vise can spread when you try to un-torque a tight barrel, letting the barrel slip which usually results in scratches. Much better off to buy a dedicated barrel vise with the inserts to fit your particular barrel.
Thanks guys. I'm not trying to re barrel any bolt action. I just want something to install and remove flash hiders.
Then hard wood blocks will work just fine.

Take two 1"x2"x2" blocks, clamp them together, and drill a slightly under barrel size hole in the joint.
You want a good crush fit of the hole on the barrel when you clamp the barrel between them.

Drill the hole cross-grain of the wood so they won't spread & split apart when you clamp the barrel.

Some powdered rosin from a sports or violin store on the blocks will prevent slipping.
But probably not needed for flash hiders.

Many years ago I received the wood block for a barrel vise, I would not use them unless I had a fire extinguisher standing near.

Only a wild guess could be used to determine how secure the barrel was but a good start on a wild guestimate would began with 4 ft.' X 300 lbs. = one loud bang when it broke loose. Rather than waste time with set-up time I went straight to the gorilla grip jaws, going back together barrel friendly material is nice to have.

F. Guffey
I have a dedicated barrel vise for bolt and semi's. I use brass bushings and plenty of rosin. Hardwood and rosin are the second choice, aluminum last choice. Brass smudges come off with bore cleaner, aluminum smudges always seem to have scratches with them.
Don't skip the rosin, I keep mine in an old salt shaker and sprinkle the inserts every use.
Exactly what RC said. I used scrap walnut blocks and a 6" heavy steel old sawmill vice back in the 70s. Never failed me. Good luck catpop
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