Battle Of Athens

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Dog Wonder

Dec 6, 2008
East Coast
This video is a true story, and one of the best representative programs I've ever seen on our 2nd amendment rights. They weren't just for prevention of Tyranny on the Federal level. Tyranny exists on local levels. I fully understand what is meant about the Chicago Political machine; and, why Chicago has the most stringent gun laws. Even if you are a bleeding heart liberal Democrat, this should open your eyes as to why the second amendment is in place. It protects all the others. Feel free to share this video, it needs to be seen by the entire nation.
Wow. thank you. I had no idea. The most disturbing thing is the corrupt state authorities were just as responsible. I will pass this on, thanks.
I use to live near Athens Tennessee & have spoken with people that went through it .It is still spoken of with pride by people that live there! One of the things that sets this story apart from others is the people exercizeing their right to turn to the MILITIA! I have watched as we are blinded by propaganda &told we only have 2 choices to choose from on how our government is run! This is a lie! We have other options! Every 4years we are told to vote, for what? There is no Dem.s or Rep.s, they are one and the same! We are being stonewalled & lied to! This fact is why we must follow the examples of the people of Athens! The MILITIA is our only choice! I am not saying we need to fight or attack or kill anyone
. What I am saying is join or start a MILITIA! It is the guerilla (no pun intended ) that keeps the government from taking our rights away! We THE PEOPLE! There are groups out there fighting for our gun rights, the NRA,NHA&many others. But they cannot stop the government from committing crimes against the country or people! That is why the founding father's put forth the 2nd. Amd. No other Amd. has the power to put things right! No organized group has done that! We can try to change our government, but we are loseing ground fast! Stand up& support you're MILITIA before its to late!
What I am saying is join or start a MILITIA!

Be careful folks, many states (Florida included) have anti-militia laws in place. These type of activities also have a tendency to attract attention from the BATFE as well. If the feds want you, they generally can get you. The federal criminal code is so voluminous that everyday citizens run afoul of it regularly without knowing they do so.
We all do need to visit the idea of placing our Lives, Fortunes, and Sacred Honor on the line and at what point that happens.
It does seem that the line gets pushed further and further. I don't know if either situation could happen or exist today, it seems that those in the gov have become better at corruption and we the people have become easier to dupe and control.
Many states do have anti -militia laws! This has become a very dangerous assault on gun rights &other rights! These laws violate the 2nd.Amd. & the 9th.
Amd. and should be treated as they are! Illegal laws! I am not saying to ignore them, but they are illegal! The purpose of the MILITIA is not just to protect the 2nd. Amd. It is to protect the country &the people. That means a lot of things! Like helping in desasters &other emergencys .Setting up medical & food stations, protection from looting ect. Just because our leaders are blind is no reason for us to follow them off the cliff. As long as we let them scare us into believeing the militia is illegal, they can slow us down! Don't fall for their scare tactics! The preamble to the Constitution states "it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provided new guards for their future security. "! I am not saying take up arms &overthrow our government! I am saying that we must prepare for what comes our way! Collapse of the economy, nuclear war, earthquakes ect. That is the reason for the MILITIA! So stay leagle &see that the MILITIA is more than just a bunch of people with guns running around in the woods & plotting to over throw the government! It is our future!
A powerful story that needs to be exposed regularly to those of us who knew nothing about it. "It can't happen here, this is the United States" is a common expression of opinion (or a common belief) and this makes it clear that IT CAN, IT HAS, and IT WILL HAPPEN wherever or whenever THE PEOPLE allow it. The Coast Guard motto: "Semper Paratus" ... "Always Prepared" comes to mind.
Thank you 33D you gave me an idea! As you can see I have changed my signature to show that I am & will aways be a member of the MILITIA! Also that I Should let citizens know the story of the Battle of Athens Tennessee! Sometimes it takes someone else to show you what's under you're nose!
No argument about the importance of the Athens event, nor of the reasons for the federal laws defining "militia".

But the discussion has mostly been about politics, not law...
Art is right, so I will try and talk on that. There are several states that have laws against MILITIAS! These laws are clearly illegal! We must start bringing this out! The government passes laws everyday that are illegal &become de facto laws. Just like the president putting out PDD.s. These become law because the Congress &Senate don't want to do there job &challenge them! So they illegal laws! No one is stopping the crisis in our government. We are left on our own! That is where the MILITIA comes in! Yes there have been some that broke laws. But most that I have looked at are well thought out, have & enforce rules &bylaws . These groups are law abideing & discourage the nuts! Look up some, there may already be one close by! Ask around, most are not open &you are checked out before you may join. Some are quite open. Depending on state laws of course. If they talk about breaking the law, RUN! But if they talk about helping the people in times of trouble & defense of our rights then you have little chance of breaking leagle laws! The country was in danger from the day it was born! The MILITIA has aways been there to protect it! Now we the people must now protect the MILITIA from laws that would remove it, so that it cannot do it's Job! Please support you're state MILITIA! It's the real 800lb. Guerilla that protects us, our country & Constitution!
Well, what a great story. They had to wait until the WWII were either dead or so old that they couldn't do it one more time before passing such things as the NDAA.
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That is right, the people that went through it are dieing off! They willnot be here to tell it first hand! Anti-militia laws are in violation of the constitution! We must tell our Fed.,State & local leaders that they are wrong &get them out! The laws are made to scare us away from joining them! It is simple if they advocate violence &other things that are illegal run out the door & Report them to responsible MILITIA groups or the law if they are planning violent act's! Use comments sense! Get in touch with some of the bigger &more popular groups. They have looked at state laws & keep their members informed! Most have rules that keep them leagle also. There will aways be people that break the law & we must be watchful for them! We must show that the MILITIA is here to do things like help in times of need & danger! As B.Franklin said " Eather we hang together or we shall surely hang separately! ". We must stand up for our rights 24/7 & not let the government scare us into believeing the MILITIA is bad or illegal!
Suggestion: Rather than vent, here, first look at the pertinent federal law. Then look at your own state's law. If you see a conflict, contact your own representatives, and spread the word among your state's gun organizations.
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