BB pistols: I've been missing out!

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Jun 14, 2008
SouthEastern FL
Way back in 1984, at 18 years old, I bought a cheap Marksman 1010 BB pistol, thinking I could get sort of a "head start" on gun handling, as I was intending on becoming a LEO (and eventually did.) It was horribly inaccurate, but I had had no prior experience with any other air gun or firearm to speak of.

Later, after acquiring my first couple of firearms, I ended up buying two different rifled-bore pellet pistols and a carbine, and quickly dismissed smoothbores as anything worth practicing with. I've more recently (2014 and 2015) also gotten the PT80 and PT85 Gamo pistols.

Last year, as The Sports Authority was closing its stores near me, I picked up a SwissArms Blackwater CO2 BB pistol, a metal-framed repeater based in style on the Beretta 84/85. Over the holidays, I also picked up a Daisy 5501. Last weekend, I got both of them outdoors for the first time.

These two guns truly impressed me. Though I was not shooting for accuracy, and I was only using a styrofoam drink cup I had as a target, these guns shot remarkably true, allowing me to drill that cup over and over from up to 25 feet. It was actually enjoyable, with each pistol having its own qualities I liked. The SwissArms, now sold by Crosman under a name I do not recall, has a trigger every bit as brutal as any Polish Radom P64 you'd come across, but years of training with double-action revolvers and DA/SA handguns proved beneficial, and I was quickly working it as easily as any of them.

The Daisy has a much-lighter trigger, and a look that kind of reminds me of a Jimenez 9mm pistol, with a two-tone black and chrome finish. It has the "blowback" slide action and, impressively, a last-shot slide-lock! That's a neat feature, as it keeps the shooter from expending CO2 trying to see if he's out of ammo (did a BB come out that time? How about now?)

Both guns feed from removable magazines, but the SwissArms one is much more solid-feeling, with its metal construction, than the cheap-feeling plastic one in the Daisy. I just know I'm going to break that one; I should order a couple of spares.

So, my bias against BB guns, as opposed to pellet guns, has been holding me back from quite a bit of enjoyable backyard shooting potential! I'm glad to have finally seen the light now. While they're certainly not tack-driving competition guns, they're more than adequate for anywhere-plinking, teaching, and fun.
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Very cool. I've thought about getting a BB Webley for some time, but they say the internal parts are cheap and the gun wears out fast.
I keep looking at them but still havent bought a new one. Had an old daisy some 15 years ago lol. Good to hear that they work well.
My friend gave me a CO2 Umerex/S&W M&P 40 for cleaning up his keepsake Winchester Model 67. I have to say it's fun but not accurate. The barrel moves fore and aft as a function of shooting it (acts as the hammer?) and there seems to be a lot of slop betwen the barrel and the opening in the slide. Yours sounds better...
AZAndy, I have indeed. One of the other pellet guns (not a smoothbore) I had already gotten is the Gamo PT-85, which has the slide "blowback" option. It's very accurate to what I've tried it, and the recoiling slide actually knocks the gun off target, requiring the shooter to re-aim for the next shot, like with an actual firearm. I got it from Wal-Mart for about $60 or so, though, less than that site asks. It uses a lot of CO2, though, what with the slide action and all, so I later got the PT80, which does not "cycle" the slide. However, I haven't gotten around to shooting it yet.

That PT-85 makes a nice practice piece for my Ruger P-95.
Oh, and I've read that the reason the "true" barrel slides fore and aft as the trigger is pulled is to allow the next BB to be fed from the magazine into its breech end.
Ahh, that makes sense. My knowledge of co2 guns is sorely lacking- so thanks!
Well I started out with a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun. Back in the day every American boy knew that parents and teachers were often wrong. But they also knew Red Ryder and his pal Little Beaver were straight shooters. red ryder.gif
Well I graduated to cartridge guns and life moved on. I was not interested in BB guns. I love the Mauser C 96 Broom Handles and own a few.
I am once more looking at BB guns. The C 96 Umarex C02.
I just got a Daisy 2003, which is a blow back but doesnt operate the slide, its also smooth bore but uses pellets. Accuracy at 10yds with crappy crosman pointeds is about 1-2"s with a few random fliers every mag (of 35 rounds). Im pretty sure any of the newer guns will offer better accuracy and trigger pull, but DAMN its fun lol.
I'd have several if only the law around here didn't consider them firearms. It would be fun to shoot in the back yard, but nothin' doin'.
I got a Remington 1911 RAC BB gun last year for Christmas and it's a hoot to shoot! I have to say I was also quite surprised at the accuracy I'm getting out of this gun at around 25 to 30 feet. Lots of fun just plinking with it down in the basement. It's so much fun in fact that I'm thinking about getting the full auto Swiss Arms Protector or the Legends M712 to go along with it!
Sweet pistol- very good likeness to an A1. I almost got one myself for practice because I have a 1911 built closely to it.
I've been into C02 handguns for some time. My oldest one is a 70's series Crosman 'Peacemaker' SAA in .177 lead pellet at 40+ years. I bought it when I was 10. That gun recently underwent a mechanical rebuild and got some new grips. Shoots as fine as any I have. I looked into the Crosman 38T and the Daisy BB semi auto back then before I got older and cartridge handguns filled up the next decades. A bad case of Tinnitus has moved me into Black Powder handguns and recently back into C02. There is now an amazing age of replicas that shoot like tack drivers and look and feel just like the cartridge handgun that they are modeled after. In many cases, they are licensed and blueprinted from a company's original firearm such as the various Colts SAA replicas out now in 4.5mm shot and ,177 pellet. I recommend Pyramyd Arms and Umarex as Dealers. I have bought several from them and am placing up the latest one here this evening, a nickled Schofield No.3 BB revolver.
For rainy day 'shooting' in the garage or basement, a Daisy Powerline 340 spring-powered air pistol is a hoot for less than $20.00 out the door including several hundred BBs. Super accurate or powerful? No. Lots of fun? Yes!

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