Beretta 92G Elite magazines

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David Vogel

Aug 8, 2019
I'm new to the Beretta world after buying a 92G Elite LTT last week. Great gun so far, but unfortunately the magazines it came with only hold 10 rounds. I ordered some 15-round magazines made by ProMag to replace them, but they fit very tightly compared to the ones that came with the gun. The magazines are labeled for a 92F. After digging around on-line, I thought they would fit my 92G, but I'm wondering whether I might have made a mistake. The magazines will slide in and lock, but I'm concerned about how much harder I have to push to get them in. Did I goof?
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Ah. I see you edited to add the ProMag. Yes, they are garbage. They might work okay if you can get them in and out of the gun. Buy some beretta or mec gar mags and use the pro mags for when your friends want to practice malfunction clearance drills.
Most my GI mags were made by Check-Mate. Some PB. I have a bunch from 2003 marked Government/LEO use only. Never had any problem with Check-Mate mags....that's why I still have them. The Mec-Gar 18 rounders are first class! Best wishes!
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