beretta brx1 straight pull: awesome, but with a major problem. and other interesting tidbits of news


Aug 6, 2007
East Texas
I went to the nra show this weekend, and I got to handle the beretta brx1 straight pull rifle. the straight pull mechanism was effortless and fast. lightyears ahead of savages efforts. but there is 1 glaring flaw: the bolt travel length is long. super long. dangerously long. If you don't take your head off the stock, you will run that bolt right into your eveball. the salesman had to warn me about it, or I would have hurt myself.

palmetto had pulled their bolt gun off the list of things they are showing because they are apparently making some mods to the design. Palmetto also has dpms, and when I asked them about left hand options, they said they don't want stag to be the only player, and maybe look for something around xmas.

And anderson, makers of the poverty pony, had a bunch of remington bolt guns at their booth. salesman said they bought all remington's 700 inventory out of bankruptcy auction, and are truing the actions and selling them as completed rifles out of their custom shop. I didn't even know anderson had a custom shop. but here it is, and it ain't cheap.

I also stopped by shooters world powders, and pleaded with them not to sell to hogdon like everybody else is. they said they have received no offers and have no intention of doing so. they also said alliant appears to be out of the civilian powder market for the foreseeable future.

now, all that info is only as good as the salesman telling me, so if you've been told something else, you could be just as right or wrong as I am.
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I think I will pass on the Beretta , there is just something about it that does not make me want to shoot it.
Seems quite modern . If you want to reload for it might want to full length resize. A straight pull won't have much push power.
If I'm reading that right.
Do we know of any documented cases of eyeballs getting damaged from this model? In other words is it an actual problem?
If the bolt is like the one on my straight-pull Mauser 96 American, it should have enough oomph to seat rounds and have enough lug-barrel interface to be pretty strong, too.

Stay safe.
I think mshootnit is asking if anyone has reliable info that eye injuries from the bolt being pulled back in operation are occurring vs an injury from a ruptured receiver/bolt lugs giving way under pressure of a fired round.

Re: the previous comment by the OP about keeping the cheek weld on the stock while operating bolt and its apparent LONG range of motion POSSIBLY resulting in an eye injury.
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