Beretta Xtrema 2 or Benelli SBE2

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Oct 25, 2005
Hello all, first post for me here. I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on which they shotgun they would prefer between the Beretta Xtrema 2 or the Benelli SBE II. They both seem to have reduced recoil systems, price is similar, so I'm just not too sure.

Thanks for the help!!
The 391 series is fast becoming a classic, but both are good shotguns. The Benellis are not gas operated, so kick may be a bit harsher.

Six of one, half dozen of the other. Ge the one that feels best....
I would pick the Beretta of the two. Take a look at the Winchester SuperX2 also, no recoil reduction system but a soft shooter.
What's wrong with the "OLD" extrema? Mine has shot 5 turkeys while loaned out for a SEASON, by 3 different shooters of course. I actually shot a single duck with it one day. I haven't put a box of shell thru it yet, but i do like.
Thanks for the input so far everyone! I bet the "old" extrema is awesome as well. Not sure if it comes with the "KO" system though. I figure if I'm going to spend that kind of money, I may as well go for the bells and whistles, so to speak.

Still undecided
According to Bruce Buck, the new Extrema has a much better trigger, which the old ones needed badly.

It's not alone in this. Many new shotguns even good ones, have nasty triggers.
The Benelli does not have gas operaion to reduce recoil, but its stock is designed to absorb a great deal of it. I would take the Benelli simply because they fit me better, but both are great shotguns.
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