Beretta Xtrema 2 owners (26 inch barrel)

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Aug 25, 2009
Hey guys. I'm new to the boards and I'm looking to get a new waterfowl gun. I currently have a Remington 870 Express Super Mag but I think I'm ready for an autoloader.

I have a few questions for the Beretta Xtrema 2 owners with the 26 inch barrel if there are any around here. How do you guys like the feel of the shorter gun?? Does it still swing pretty smooth?? I know the Xtrema 2's tend to be longer overall so getting the gun with the shorter barrel shouldn't be too big of an issue. I would think line of sight on an Xtrema 2 with the 26 inch barrel would be almost similar to my Remington 870 Express Super Mag with a 28 inch barrel. Would I be correct in this assumption?? Does the bulk/width of the buttstock of the Xtrema 2 causing any shouldering issues?? I've noticed it is quite a bit more bulky than my Remington.

Also, those that have shot the Xtrema 2 with and without the Kick-Off system, is there a big difference or is the gun without the KO system manageable??
I dont own the Extrema 2 but have shot one and my duck gun is a Urika 2 w/28in barrel. I chose it because its lighter and I never shoot 3.5 in shells. Plus in bad weather I carry the Urika on upland hunts to keep my pretty guns dry and clean so less weight matters to me.

The Extrema I shot was a 26 and it felt right to me given the extended receiver. It pointed alot like my Urika. I have handled the 28 inch version and thought it was pretty long feeling. But with any new shotgun I hold it at my hip and shoulder it with my eyes closed. When I open them if Im dead on I know its for me. If not I pass. But most Berettas and Remingtons seem to fit me well.

As far as the KO goes, i didnt bother with it for my Urika since Im not bothered by the recoil with the shells I shoot. But if I was planning to shoot alot of 3.5's through it, I would really have to consider it. It will help with those big loads.
The Xtrema2 is the most comfortable shotgun I've ever shouldered and it points great. I really have hard time finding a fault with it as trap/skeet/bird gun. Mine has the KO and 26" barrel and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Thanks guys. I do a lot of hunting in a layout blind and having a gun that's too long and cumbersome can be annoying. What do you guys think about Briley's choke tubes??
I like the choke tubes. I haven't taken a lot of trouble to pattern mine but they are easy to change!
Which Briley tubes do you have for your Xtrema 2?? Or were you saying that you like the choke tubes that are provided with the Xtrema 2 already??
I'm sorry, I mis-read, mine are the standard optima-choke plus tubes.

It comes with full, improved modified, modified, improved cylinder, and cylinder.
I used to have one of the Xtrema 2s, but traded it for a Urika 2 and cash because I never used 3.5" shells. Both are great guns.

The KO system did work well . . . one of my uncles switched guns after shooting mine because he felt it made such a difference. I've never been very recoil senstive, so to me the KO wasn't worth the added expense, but I could feel the difference when shooting similar guns side by side.
The website says the Extrema2 is only 0.6 lbs more than the Urika2 but it feels like more to me in person. If you aren't walking around with it all day you might not notice the added weight.
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