Best bedside safe to keep kids away?

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Jan 28, 2011
I Accept the theory about kids learning about guns being the best way to keep them safe, but my boy is 2. Really sitting wi him to teach him is still a few years away.

I want something that I can keep by the bed and open quickly. Something reliable. Money is no object, but I also don't want to stupidly overspend because some company is using fear to make me pay a lot.

Any advise? A good model perhaps? I sometimes sleep in the living room and sometimes in the bedroom, (kid likes our bed) and want something I can move around.

The reason we have purchased several v-line cases for our home now that we have grandchildren running around is they need no batteries and can be opened very quickly even in the dark by feel. Not cheap but well worth it
for us.
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V-Line is what I'm using and recommend. They use simplex style mechanical locks and don't rely on batteries. There is another brand that uses simplex locks and actually looks a bit nicer than V-Line but the name escapes me.

I have had several electronic devices and will never own one again as every single one of them has failed.
My electronic GunVault HV3000 failed when the mechanism inside broke, which would no longer open the front door using the touch keys on top of the box. Luckily, it still opens using the key. Not to be confused with a real "safe" but it does keep the young kids out.

I purchased a Fort Knox pistol box made of 10ga. steel with a 3/16" steel top door, and a Simplex lock. Much heavier and more secure than most of the pistol boxes on the market IMO. Best of all ... reliable.

When I purchase a real safe (TL-30) in the near future, it will have a standard combination / mechanical lock, for sure. Not 100% but MUCH more reliable than an electronic lock.
Here's another one for you to consider: FAS1 SAFE

7ga (3/16") steel weighs 21 lbs.
Holster mounted to lid so trigger is covered when reaching for your gun
Gas spring opens door so your gun is presented to you.
3/8" welded in solid pin for hinge and also covered by door.
$219.00 (includes UPS Ground)

I recommend bolting any quick access handgun safe down to something solid so it doesn't get stolen.

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Thanks guys, went with the fort Knox, due to many reviews on the v line saying they wold open easily with no combo, it was about 4 reviews that said this. Fort knox costs slightly more, but all good reviews and they all say it is jilt like a tank.
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