Best J-Frame Pocket Holster

Which J-Frame Pocket Holster is best?

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Jun 30, 2006
I have heard a lot of good things about these selections of pocket holsters for the Smith and Wesson J-Frame revolvers but what is your preference and why?
I have the De Saints and love it. as a matter of fact my 642 is in one in my pocket right now.
Robert Mika makes a very comfortable pocket holster which only gets better with time. It does not print and it stays in your pocket when you draw. The price is right too at only $15.95 for either the round or square bottom holster.

A little OT, his IWB holster is outstanding too. (only $21.95 with or without top strap) He is a nice person to do business with too.
Why are some of these offered in Square vs Round? Is there an advantage to one over the other or is it just dependent on the shape of my pocket?
You have it correct. Pocket shape.. Robert Mika points out that a round will work in a square pocket but a square won't work well in a round one.

I use the round one in my Levi's every day.
I haven't owned my 642CT long enough to even speculate which pocket-holster is "best". What I can add to the discussion is that I absolutely love my Mika pocket holster, (round cut). So much so that I'm ordering a square cut to go with it. At this point, I can't justify plopping down 80-bucks on a pocket holster and don't think I would - even if I could. The Mika does what it was advertised to do - conceal the outline of the 642 when I carry it. It works better in some pants than others. In jeans and my summer shorts it works great. In my deeper pocketed cargo pants, (North Face), it rides too low to be handy, so I may start seeking OWB/IWB when I wear those.

For the money, utility, features and quality, it's really tough to beat a Mika.
I've tried all three, and all three will work, though the Uncle Mike's has a tendency to slip out of the pocket along with the gun if you don't draw a certain way. Robert Mika makes an excellent product - definitely worth a try, especially if you wear jackets or coats with big pockets.

My favorite, though, is the Nemesis, albeit modified. In the default form, it's way too tall for a J-frame, so you have to cut out 3/4" of material and then sew it up to contour to the shape of the gun. After that, though, you have pretty much the perfect pocket holster.
Nemesis cut down thread

Thanks Mulliga, I remember a thread a while back where someone detailed, with pictures, how they cut down the Nemesis holster. I tried searching but can't find it. Anyone know where that is?
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Kramer AND Mika. You will use one or the other depending on the pocket in the pants you are wearing. I have found my 340PD/ Kramer to disappear in a pair of dress trousers.
Kramer without a doubt b/c:

1. The j frame STAYS in the holster until YOU draw. No slipping out when your waist goes below knee level if you sit down too low. Or if you fall down backwards.

2. Other leather models require a wrake across the bottom edge of the pocket - backwards. This is the opposite direction of the draw and adds time. Kramer wrakes across the top/front of the pocket on the way to a retention position. The hammerless design of the 642/340 means you can really wrake the top of your pocket hard to make sure the holster separates and it won't get snagged.

3. square front panel gives a non-gun shape to the blob in your pocket.

Post is here.

First I cut across the bottom. Then I cut diagonally, because that big lip is unnecessary for most pockets IMO (my experience is that the tacky material on the outside of the holster keeps the holster comfortably in the pocket during a draw). Then I stitched up the part under the "barrel" part of the holster with some button thread to get a more secure fit to the 642 (remember, the Nemesis is one-size-fits-all). In terms of operation, it fits in regular size pockets, it (kinda) conceals the outline of the gun, and you can draw pretty easily from it. Unfortunately, reholstering in the pocket won't work, but that's not a high priority for me.

I really have to try the Kramer one of these days. I've never had the chance to fondle one in person, and it's hard dropping that much on a holster sight-unseen.
Mika. Nothing beats the Mika in quickness of draw. It stays in the pocket and does not absorb moisture. I sold all my fancy and expensive holsters at the last gun show.
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I've had J frame pocket holster from Kramer, Alessi, Mika and Hedley. I liked the Hedley the best.
colubrid: May we see your Hedley J frame holster...Pic? He must have made a special one of a kind for you as everything on his site is auto related.
Kramer horse hide with the plastic square on the outside to break up the outline and prevent printing is my favorite.

Second is the Desantis Leather pocket holster, which is made for the Jframe.

I use a nemesis for a G26 glock, and its perfect for that gun.

I had bad luck with the nemisis for the J frame, and actually had the gun fall out of my pocket using the nemesis, because the inside is too slick for a Jframe revolver.
I got this Nemesis in Dec 06. It fits fine. I use this or mika, depends on clothing. I am happy with both.


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I bought one of those cheap brown and black ones when I picked up my 642 and was waiting for my nemesis to come in. I took some thread and stiched it up a bit and it was a pretty decent holster.
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