Best place to get extra Stag Arms 6.8 mags

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Apr 29, 2007
Oklahoma City.
Hello everyone,
I just purchased a new Stag Arms Model 7 Hunter in 6.8 SPC and I need to get ahold of some extra magazines. The Stag website has them but they are $30 a pop and I want to save some money.

Does anyone know where I can get 10, 15, and 25 rounders for less than $30? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

PSA has D&H (I think) 25 rounders for less than $10. CDNN has some Bushmaster 17's for $15. C Products, AR Stoner, and others run about same price. PRI has rep as the best mag but make the Stags look cheap. Check out Midway USA for an assortment.

My first 6.8 was a Stag and came with the 25 rounder. It's the only larger cap 6.8 mag I have. My preference is for the AR15 20 rd size and style.

Edit: CDNN has ASC 25 rounders, C-Products 10 rounders and Bushmaster 10's. All priced at $14.99
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