Best room for gun room and kids room?

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Jun 5, 2006
Tacoma, WA
Helping a friend determine the best strategic setup for his house. He and his wife are buying a new home and they have a 10 yr old son. He has a large gun collection and safes.

Prospective home is in an upscale neighborhood. Home is HUGE (3400 sq ft.).

All bedrooms on 2nd floor. Front door leads right to stairs. At the top of the stairs on left is master bedroom, which looks out to the street/front of home. To the right is bedroom 2 facing the street. To the right is also bedroom 3 facing the back yard, which is a forested area leading out to a hill and a road 1/4 mile away. Rooms 2 and 3 are identical in size.

Finally, there is a HUGE bonus room over the garage.

He is getting a room to himself as a "guys" room - mainly for guns an other hobbies. He is highly unlikely to get the bonus room. That's going to be made into a combonation extra TV room with couch/spare bedroom with bed/kids play room.

He realistically will get to choose between bedrooms 2 and 3.

From a security standpoint, which room would you recommend considering among other things -
- the view is better out over the back yard and woods than into the neighbors homes, so 3 is better than 2
- master bedroom offers the same views as bedroom 2, so bedroom 3 is better for variety
- neither room is very good for self defense shooting in the home and the child would almost certainly need to be secured before any self defense shooting because the master bedroom door is more in line with room 3 than 2, but it would be very dangerous either way. but if forced to choose to fire toward the master bedroom door from inside, bedroom 3 is definately more in the line of fire than bedroom 2 and hence bedroom 2 would be safer from that standpoint. but it's impossible to predict and a person could be within the room moving around, etc...
- there is a 3' roof over the front porch directly in front of room 2, which could possibly be an access point for a burglar.

just wondering if there are any angles that haven't been considered.
What about installing at the top of the stairs, a steel security door that is locked at night or when no one is downstairs?
That way you can create firing lane through the bad guy and into the floor below.
My advice would be to put a pistol box with a combination or fingerprint lock on it in the closet in the master bedroom, keep a full sized pistol there, and place the rest of the collection in a safe or security cabinet wherever it is most convenient. If his tastes run to heavier armament for defense, there are longgun sized storage lockers with combination or fingerprint locks that also work, that are still small enough to fit between two studs in a closet wall.
yeah, my advice would be to have yer friend register an account here if he is actually concerned about this kinda stuff.... and let him ask specific question and get specific awnsers.. cause ya know how that "message" game turns out......

If he could throw up floor plans etc, that would be much more helpful for folks who could provide an opinion, to provide one.

best I gould say from what Ive read... is to overly secure allmain entrences (doors), put up yard lights, entery way lights. and like MH said, keep something nearby, but secured.

Guiding principle for me would be a layered defense plan, alarms, dogs lights etc. With respect to guns, a emphasis on secure, but acessable.
What level of threat?
Ar there choke points that can be used to his advantage?
Is the wife a trained willing partner in defense?
Do they have a code word for the kids to take cover?
Just some toughts, someone more professional than me needs to recon the rooms and know what he/they are capable of.
Just my .o2 off the top of my head.
When we built an addition to our hosue we built a few years previous, it was to include a gun room for me. First thing I can say is plan ahead. A year later mine was too small (10x16). However it's design allowed -purely by accident for a bi-level use if I need it. During a break-in the perpetrators are wanting in and out quickly. They'll stick to the primary areas of living space. Keep the room apart from these common areas and you'll have that extra level of security. Sort of an "out of sight, out of mind" thing. So where to put the gun room...basement. If it's a finished basement, make it appear it's a storage room or somethin. Keep it unattractive to would-be thieves.
With mine, when phase two is done, it'll basiclly be a "hobby room" for displaing the collectable items and then a vault for the firearms. The later is 99% hidden.
A large one-way mirror (that lets him see out into the stairwell and the person in the stairwell not being able to see him but just thinks he's looking into a mirror) might be an idea, if there is a good place to put that mirror.

Worst case scenario, shoot through the mirror.

These mirrors often work extremely well when the room on the "other side" of the mirror is dark (no lights on, or dimly lit, no windows, etc).
My Father gave me a single shot .22 rifle when I was 6 years old. In turn I gave a gun like it to my son when he was 6 years old.

This man should sit down and at least explain things to his child at 10 years old.

I knew better than to mess with guns. I would stare into my Fathers unlocked gun closet and only when he opened the door.

My son knew the same things.. A child that understands beats a silly trigger lock anyday.

What room for safes? I have no idea.
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