Best SD diet for the XDs 45?

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Dec 20, 2005
Spring TX
Rather than hijack the other XD thread I'm jumping off in a slightly different direction. I have a new XDs in .45 and while it's utterly unfinicky about FMJ, it seems a bit more picky about JHP. It is possible that it was balking at the Speer short-barrel JHP stuff (we are awful about chucking loose rounds in a jar like change from your pocket so my initial tryout was with mixed manufacturers. ).

What JHPs have y'all found that work best for your XDs?


(I have decided, BTW, that XD guns are addictive. I've owned 4 now. This one's ideal for concealment and it's a keeper. But they are addictive.)
I carry Hornady TAP 230gr +p's. Don't think that ammo available anymore though. They hit right on with those and my XDs definitely likes 230gr ammo. I have yet to find any ammo it won't feed though. Critical Duties and Defense work fine in mine. I have a load of Speer GD's but I haven't tried them in that gun yet. Your comment makes me want to test them now.
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Gold Dot. I carry my hand loads, loaded with 230 grain Gold Dots. The cool thing about that is, I was able to find the Gold Dot bullets that are "optimized for short barrels", according to the manufacturer. I don't know if that means they have softer lead or thinner jackets for better expansion at slower velocities or what... but they do function 100% in my XDs. Their profile is identical to factory Gold Dots.
Federal 230 gr. HSTs (standard pressure) are what I carry in my XDS-45. They shoot to point of aim just like 230 gr. ball. Either P45HST2(Tactical 50 round boxes) or P45HST2S(Personal Defense 20 round boxes) work the same and are the same round just packaged differently. The 50 round boxes are more cost effective if you can get them.
My carry load right now is 230gr Golden Sabers. I think any top shelf hollow point ammo will be effective.
Hornady Critical Duty....

I'm impressed with the specs of the fairly new Hornady Critical Duty load.
It's fast & the flex tip design does well in the FBI protocol tests.
For the .45acp, Id also review the Corbon DPX or the PowRball. I considered Guard Dog EFMJ for spare magazines, but the PowRball looks better.

My county's sheriff's office uses Speer Gold Dot 230gr +P JHPs in the Glocks.

I have shot an estimated 300 standard velocity factory loaded 230 grain Gold Dots through an XDs and have not had a malfunction, except for one double primed round that would not chamber. I have not had a malfunction with any other factory or handloaded .45 ACP ammo, either. I will add that I do not toss loose rounds in a jar like change, and I also do not rechamber rounds very often, and never more than once.
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