Best way to remove stuck bullet?

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Jul 30, 2003
Ft Belvoir, VA
I had a squib round at the range today, and now I've got a bullet stuck in the barrel of my Sig P220 (.45).

What's the the best way to get the bullet out?
Squib rod. Not a cleaning rod. Not a piece of steel you have lying around.

A section of brass rod that you can place in the barrel and hammer on.


I'll also second Reddbeccas notion to do it carefully. ;)

I had a squib at the range once. I took the cleaning rod off one of my AKs that I had with me and pounded it out.
I had the same problem about a month or so ago. Mine was a .45 in a 3.5 in. barrel. I used a old cleaning rod section and a gunsmithing mallet and it came right out. Scared the crap out me. Luckly for me it didn't go far enough in the barrel to chamber the next round because when it went off it cycled the next round. At first I thought I under charged it. Scared the crap out of me. Have fun popping the little bugger out.
Use a wood dowel approximately the size of the bore cut to a workable length and a mallet. Remove the barrel and place the breach against a wood bench or other soft surface with the feed ramp over the edge so it will not be damaged. Drive the bullet out the chamber end inserting the dowel from the muzzle end. Wood will prevent damage to the barrel.
good suggestions. Drop a little oil in the barrel to help it out, wood dowel/rod. Be very careful.

I had one recently. I had my SA cleaning rod and a brass jig and it put it in the barrel end and used the weight of the gun coming down on it to push it back out the chamber end. Two good bumps did it on the carpeted bench. If light force does not dislodge it stop and go home for some lubricant. I'll find me a brass rod at the recycling center for next time.
3/8" oak dowel (maybe 1/2" finished, not really sure) fit well in the barrel...three taps with the hammer and the bullet came out the chamber.

Thanks all.
Just make sure you clean the barrel well after your done if you use a wood dowel. The wood can scrape off and clog the rifling. That is why I prefer using the brass squib rods mentioned above.
I keep a long brass rod in my range bag. I only needed it once, but it kept me shooting istead of driving 22 miles home.

Too tight chamber/stuck reload.:banghead: SA fixed it though. :D
I keep an 8" piece of 5/16 aluminum rod in each of my shooting bags (3/8 is too big for 38/357/9mm, which is the biggest I shoot.) On the rare occasion I've had a squib, I've been able to take the barrel out, put the rod in from the muzzle, put the other end of the rod down on one of the wooden benches at the range, and just holding the barrel, pound it down a few times on the rod (like a metal fence post driver, for those of you who know how that tool works.) Haven't needed a hammer (knock on wood.)
Brass bore sized rod Lube from the chamber end drive the bullet out from the muzzle. 1 minute job
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