Blade HQ minimum amount for included shipping is waived 3-30-2024

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Jan 20, 2004
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That's it, actually. I got an email to that effect earlier today (Saturday March 30). If you have been contemplating something but not enough to trigger "free shipping", this may save you a few shekels. This is a today-only offer. I will delete this message after March 30.
The website is still saying free shipping as of 7:00 AM CDT Sunday, March 31, so window may be held open for awhile longer. I will update when I learn otherwise.
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I just got an email that it was extended through today. I ordered a pocket stone and angle finding card last night.
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I just ordered with no shipping cost added today at 9:15 PM CDT. Perfect opportunity to pick up pens and accessories (but a QSP Grebe found its way into my cart). Site notes that the offer ends today.
Site appears to be back to $99 minimum for shipping. I will close this and delete in a bit, but hope folks will let us know if one of the major knife sources has good promotions going on. Just for fun, edited to reflect that as of April Fool's Day 2024 Blade HQ has a $99 shipping threshold, SMKW is at $75, and Knife Center is $95.
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