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Break out the Shiner Bock and have a drink on ME! At last something GOOD happens!

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Hand_Rifle_Guy, Jul 2, 2003.

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  1. Hand_Rifle_Guy

    Hand_Rifle_Guy Member

    Dec 28, 2002
    Palo Alto, People's Republic of Kaliforny
    OK, a bit of patience before it gets gun-related. But first, plug your ears:


    Let their be vibrant peals of righteous celebration!

    :D My cup runneth over! :D Words fail me! :D Somebody up there likes me! :D

    Tonight, I recovered my stolen Porsche 928! DER UBERWAGEN RIDES AGAIN!

    [Gleeful end-zone dance] YESSS!! [/Gleeful end-zone dance]

    Join me in a toast to the world at large and my sharp-eyed buddy Ryan, who spied my missing car placidly gathering dust behind a gas station in Milpitas some 25 minute's drive from where it was swiped. I verified it was in fact my car, and called the police. They print-dusted the car, (One, on the rear-view mirror.) I signed some papers, charged the battery, deciphered how to hot-wire it, and drove it home yelling, singing, and laughing my fool head off at about a hundred miles an hour.

    It appears to have no additional damage beyond a mangled keyswitch and passenger-door lock, all the parts are still there, all the stuff from work that was clutterring it up was still in it, it even had about twice as much gas in it as it'd had when it was stolen! The gas station guys said it'd been sitting there for a month. (It's been missing for about 6 weeks.) It was low on coolant because of the wonky radiator, but apparently the thieves didn't manage to destroy the engine by overheating it.

    It still goes 140 miles an hour quite cheerfully, also. I checked on the way home. (5500 RPM in 5th. Shhh! ;) :evil: )

    I am one gosh-durned lucky sum-buck. Ryan's avoiding me like the plague because I said I was going to plant a great big sloppy wet kiss on him as soon as I saw him. I'd kiss a TOAD if it'd hold still long enough!

    I have a lot of attachment to that car. Having it stolen has been a really, REALLY unpleasant experience. Having 2/3's of your mental capacity completely taken over by unbreakable, self-sustaining, seething vitriolic black RAGE!! is absolutely no fun at all. That state of mind had been proving very diffficult to fend off, and was decisively eroding my self control. That I didn't like, as I do not trust emotionally-driven thinking in any way, but I was unable to avoid it. Lately, the inside of my head has been a friggin' nightmare.

    Perhaps one should not care so much about things, but I have no family, and that car is my baby. If I had somehow been to blame for it's loss, I would have had no trouble dealing with the unhappiness, as I built tools for that purpose a long time ago. I'm very proud of how well the car runs, as that is a direct result of many hours of blood, sweat, and skill on my part. I earrned that Porsche by virtue of the effort I put into it, as I am not at all wealthy. Make no mistake, I took it's theft personally.

    Now, the demon's grip is broken. Slaughter is no longer appealing. The clouds have lifted. The birds are chirping, and all is roses and song. I can even start carrying guns again. (Gun-related bit #1.) I have regained my patience and my sanity buffer for the world around me.

    Gun-related bit #2? Despite up-ending the entire contents of the car, (It's a MESS. I have big cleanup job ahead.) whom-ever stole it totally missed the contents of one of the three boxes piled in the back that contained shooting glasses, earplugs, muffs, targets, and no less than 4 full boxes of ammunition in .38 Special, .357 Magnum, 9mm Para., and .45 ACP, plus a couple of loose magazines for my 1911. Hooray for clutter!

    Icing on the cake. So have a drink with me, and raise a glass in a toast to....Toast! I love toast. Hot bread and butter, Mmmm!

    I thank you all for putting up with my raving of late. A few of my posts got a bit nasty. Listening is what friends are best at, and I consider all of you fellow HighRiders friends, even when we disagree!

    You'll excuse me, I gotta go change my sigline!

  2. Bainx

    Bainx member

    Dec 26, 2002
    East TN
    Note to Myself.....

    get full comprehensive insurance for expensive Porsche in case it is ever stolen!
  3. Greg L

    Greg L Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    Northern KY
    Glad to hear that it was recovered. Hopefully now you can find out who did it.

    It must REALLY have been cluttered to hide a box that size with all the ammo and stuff in it :D .

  4. FPrice

    FPrice Member

    Dec 22, 2002
    People's Commonwealth of Massachusetts

    Congratulations on the return of your car. I know full well the agony of a stolen car. Even though mine was only a Diesel VW Jetta, it was almost all I had at that point. Luckily the police found it a few hours later, minus the radio and with some broken parts.

    Ever since then I have advocated the death penalty for car thieves.

    Or, at least, banishment to Devil's Island.
  5. Moparmike

    Moparmike Member

    Jun 8, 2003
    Oddly enough, a downwardly-plunging firey handbask
    Glad to hear you recovered your stolen property. Always happy when one is reunited with loved ones;) , as I own a german car too (hopefully it wont suffer a similar occurence). I also know of the black sadistic infectous rage that seeds itself deep within your very soul and tries to take over, as I also have experienced being the victim of someone who should have been caught by the gene pool lifeguard. (I wont go into details here to rain on parades, especially when it is such a nice parade.:))

    Once again, quite pleased you were reunited with it.

    Have a good one,
  6. foghornl

    foghornl Member

    Dec 27, 2002

    Good you got your ride back with minimal damage. Had a friend that got his Trans-AM ( "Smokey & Bandit" movie car)with the "t-tops" stolen several years back. He had added the "t-top locks" that made it more difficult to remove said tops, so bad guys smashed ALL the glass, including the instrument panel lenses, slashed the tires, and poked holes in the gas tank & radiator.

    Don't drink, but a raise of the steaming coffee mug, and "Saluud!" to ya
  7. Cal4D4

    Cal4D4 Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    What great news! So what type of mags were those for your 1911?
  8. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith Moderator Emeritus

    Dec 21, 2002
    Southeastern US
    HRG, I'm really glad you got your car back, but you know this is OT and you know what happens next.
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