Breechplug Removal Help

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Feb 11, 2008
West Virginia
I am working on an old CVA 50cal. percussion kit gun for a friend and in trying to get the breechplug out I started out with blackpowder solvent down a plugged barrel overnight soak, next I turned the barrel muzzle down and soaked the breechplug with PB Blaster, while periodically tapping on the barrel with a plastic mallet, for 48 hrs. The last thing I tried was to apply heat to the area, but not to a red state as I was afraid of overheating,and after all this it still didn't budge. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
The sidelock CVA breachplugs are not designed to be removed. After the breachplug is installed, the side hole is drilled for the nipple drum. After the nipple drum is installed the breach plug is bored from the muzzle to open the hole to the nipple. Therefore the drum locks the breachplug in place.

I also understand from their website that they no longer manufacture or repair any sidelock muzzleloaders.

It is not meant to be removed. It probably can be done, but getting it back together in proper alignment would be a bear. You will probably have to file some flats on the drum in order to get the purchase needed to extract it. I do know that when mine was made, there as a picture in their literature about how they were put together. I don't know if they use a thread lock compound or not, or if they were just put together tightly. by the way, what size and type barrel are you working with. I have both a 50 and a 54 cal octagon barrel for my hawken. I don't care for the way the 50 shoots, but the 54 is right on and has never given me any trouble.

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