Breech Plug Removal Help

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Feb 11, 2008
West Virginia
i have been working on an old CVA 50cal. percussion kit gun of a friend and one thing I tried to do was to get the breech plug out. I put TC no.13 bp solvent down a plugged barrel overnight, I turned the barrel muzzle down and soaked the plug with PB Blaster for 48 hrs., and lastly I heated the barrel at the breechplug to fairly hot, but not red, as I was fearful of overheating the barrel and after all of this the plug didn't even budge. Is there something about these things I should know about or is this plug just the proverbial immovable object? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
Is this one of the CVA Mountain Rifles? If so the drum has to come out first as it threads across the face of the plug.

I don't know if the older CVA's are built using the same design as the newer CVA's or not. But on the newer ones the drum needs to be removed first because it prevents the breechplug from being unscrewed.
A cheater bar may be needed for better leverage, and I'm not so sure that you soaked it using the proper solvents, for a long enough period of time or applied it using the right method.
Knowing which CVA model and the approximate year of production might also help you find the necessary information.
There's are many more folks with breech plug removal experience on the muzzle loading forum's "Builder's Bench" subforum.
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Breech Plug Removal

The only markings on the gun are on the barrel. They are Ardesa, Spain 50 cal. Black Powder Only and the number 059677. It is trimmed in brass, fore end cap, trigger gaurd, butt plate. If indeed the drum must first be removed, is it just threaded and how best to remove it without damaging the metal?
I not sure that there's a way to get it off without damaging the metal. Since a replacement drum is a relatively inexpensive part, damaging the old one isn't usually a consideration, just getting it out is a project by itself.
A CVA replacement drum costs $6.25 + shipping from Dixie.


However it's also possible to damage or bend the breech plug tang and also not being able to remove it.
The question is why do you feel that it needs to be removed and is it worth possibly damaging the barrel as a result?
If the breech plug really needs to be removed, why not just send it to CVA (if it's even a CVA) or to a repair shop to have it done?
I think a metal rod can be inserted into the nipple hole to try to unscrew the drum, and a hole may need to be drilled all of the way through it so the rod can form a cross bar handle. Notice that the replacement drum has 2 flat spots for a wrench to grab & turn it. It's possible to break the threaded stem of the drum off in the removal process too, so there's a risk involved and it can be a lengthy process to remove one.
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Breech Plug Removal

The plug really doesn't need to be removed, the guy that owns the gun has been having ignition reliability problems and I was just trying to open it up to clean everything out, but after seeing the way this thing is built I don't think I'll mess with it. I did clear alot of crud out of the nipple and drum so I think it should improve this condition. Thanks for all of the info on this, it has been a great deal of help.
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