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Bush thinking about '09?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by rick_reno, Dec 28, 2005.

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  1. rick_reno

    rick_reno member

    Dec 25, 2002
    I have no doubt he'll make an excellent ex-President. ;)


    CRAWFORD, Texas (CNN) -- Although he has three years left in office, President Bush is spending the holiday week at his ranch reading a book about Theodore Roosevelt's life after he left the White House.

    The book, "When Trumpets Call," by Patricia O'Toole, examines the frustration Roosevelt felt and his inability to let go after leaving office in 1909, at age 50.

    Bush is also reading "Imperial Grunts: The American Military on the Ground," by Robert Kaplan. The book is a firsthand account of the role of U.S. troops around the world, including in Iraq, engaged in what the author calls "American imperialism."

    When asked why the president picked a book that includes some criticism of the American military role in Iraq, White House spokesman Trent Duffy said "The president is an avid reader. He reads books of all kinds and stripe and persuasion. And he decided to read it."

    Should Americans take anything from the fact that Bush is already reading about a predecessor's post-White House years?

    "The president is a history buff," Duffy said. "The president knows full well that he's got a lot of time left in this second term and he's going to accomplish big things, as he has talked about repeatedly."

    Duffy said NBC anchor Brian Williams recommended the Teddy Roosevelt book to the president.
  2. Silver Bullet

    Silver Bullet Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    I feel a yawn coming on.
  3. R.H. Lee

    R.H. Lee Member

    Jan 26, 2004
    "I knew Theodore Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt was a friend of mine. And you, sir, are no Theodore Roosevelt". :p

    GWB is probably just exploring TR's hindsight as maybe a checklist before he leaves office. I wouldn't read anything into it.
  4. Camp David

    Camp David member

    Sep 21, 2005
    Big deal... he's reading a book about a fellow president! Don't try to make sport of it... at least he's being productive in his leisure reading...

    I, for one, would vote for George W. Bush, again, if he could legally run again... I believe he's done well as president, far better that the previous occupant of the Oval Office and under more trying circumstances, if the entire scope of his office is evaluated.
  5. Thefabulousfink

    Thefabulousfink Member

    Dec 12, 2005
    Spokane, WA
    In some ways, I feel that GWB is simmilar to Teddy. In no way do I feel that he is near the calibre of statesman that Teddy was, however he uses simmilar tactics. Look at how Teddy got the land for the Pannama Cannal, his "liberation" of Panama basically involved parking a battleship off the coast and daring Columbia to try and stop him. This action was vilified at the time, but it was the only feasable way that the cannal could be built at a reasonable cost. Now there are few people who argure that the value of the cannal to the world was not worth Teddy's action.

    Now look at GWB's actions in Iraq and Afghanistan(sp?), both of these actions were heavy handed and somewhat unpopular on the political stage, but they removed two oppressive regimes, and are introducing liberty and democracy in a part of the world where such themes are rare. Only history will tell if the outcome will be worth the cost, but I can see parrallels between GWB and Teddy.
  6. stevelyn

    stevelyn Member

    Mar 9, 2003
    Fairbanksan in Aleutian Hell
    Maybe so, but he apparently hasn't learned anything from it.:rolleyes:
  7. ReadyontheRight

    ReadyontheRight Member

    Dec 28, 2002
    Minnesota - nine months of ice and snow...three mo
    WOW! A cut and paste CNN snipe at President Bush that could actually be GUN RELATED!

    Teddy Roosevelt was an avid shooter and he was also shot by a gun!


    I hope the President doesn't get caught watching this week's "Armegeddon Week" on the History channel.
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