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Apr 24, 2011
So I am doing some upgrades to my carbon 15 a few days back and as I am pulling my barrel off of my rifle to put it in a vice for the new flash suppressor. I noticed some white flaky material around the barrel extension and as i gently wiggled the barrel BY HAND to get it out of the recess in the receiver, the barrel TURNED A HALF TURN while still seated in the recess. In a nutshell the receiver was stripped out. I call BM customer service and am told that although I followed all the proper steps and I quote " A carbon stripped upper will be 135.00 how would you like to pay for that?". After a short argument to no avail about their "warranty" the refused to even look at my less than 1 year old rifle. So I bought an forged upper and lower SOG Armory set from a friend of mine for an awesome deal and have since written off the BM Product. There seems to be a problem when a company sells expensive rifles such as the ACR(2,343 Their Price) and the .450 (1441.00 their price) and only offers a one year warranty and don't even stand behind that. This isn't so much to bash BM because my rifle shot decent, but to inform anyone looking at a BM as to the behavior of their customer service. Let us all know if you've had a similar expiriend
I haven't personally had issues with a BM, but they do have a reputation. DPMS is what failed me. Buy quality, and you get a warranty. BCM, Colt, Daniel Defense, KAC, Noveske, this is why you should buy from these companies, not the el cheapo companies. The companies I listed back their stuff up, and it's all built better so you don't need to worry about it breaking on you nearly so much.
can you swap out the carbon stripped upper and replace it with aluminum? i heard it's not mil spec so won't fit the carbon lower properly
I put my buddy's aluminum upper on the carbon lower and functioned fine but to avoid any question I'm swapping it all out with the help of my ffl and getting rid of upper and lower for 125... No more bm carbon junk.
Couple things: One, you broke it and want them to fix it. What ever steps you followed doesn't matter, the warranty is for that gun in stock, unmodified condition. Now if the upper randomly stripped out, that's a different story; but as soon as your wrench touched it your warranty is gone on that part. The story would be no different from Colt, KAC, Noveske, etc.

Two, old Bushmaster would have probably still have helped you or even replaced the upper (provided you send it in). There are many stories of Bushy fixing "out of warranty" rifles under warranty back in the day. However, sadly that company is long gone...

Three, as I never understood the whole plastic receiver thing for ARs, good move going to the proper forged upper and lower. If you're going to tinker with the rifle I think that's the best move.
For what its worth (maybe nothing)I have one of their Carbon 15's with the stock 5.56 upper, their 6.8 SPC, spec2 upper (had to go to the heavy buffer and titanium firing pin to eliminate slam fires with SSA 's old ammo with commercial primers) and a Chiappa .22LR upper. No problems. The Chiappa mags are hard to load but function OK when loaded properly.
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