Bushnell TRS 25

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If you don't have a "life threatening" job for your AR, they work just fine. Mine has been reliable for three years of weekend shooting.

I purchased mine before the one with the included riser was available and I've heard that the riser isn't at the best height, but then again I haven't tried it. See if the riser works for you, and if not, invest in one of the UTG risers, it's not a high stress part.
I have an Eotech for the life threatening job
I was just putting another AR together for less critical use.
Just didn't want to buy something that was not worth having
It is a quality sight for the price. I have had customers use them on everything from pistols to shotguns with no issues. I also saw a review where the shooter used it on a S&W 500. The model with the riser would work great for you new AR.

Chase B.
I've only had one on my AR for about a year but so far zero problems. Really couldnt ask for much better for the price.
I have owned 2 of them and they work well for civilian/recreational uses. For the price its an excellent buy.
For a while Daniel Defense included the TRS-25 on a high quality but cost effective M4gery for law enforcement, etc. I believe it hit the $1000 price point. I understand DD eventually dropped the optic not because of actual problems but a perception of the targeted buyers that it wouldn't stand up. It would be interesting to find out for sure if the optic held up in the field.
I am happy with mine. It was on my AR22 training rifle first and then it proved to work well so I have been running it on my "real" AR for a while now and I like it a lot. For the money I think that they are hard to beat. The AR is no longer my primary means of fighting as I am no longer an 11b. My rifle stays in my safe and the likelyhood of me using it in any defensive encounter is highly unlikely. I have no issues using the TRS 25 in that capacity.
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