"Buying" a gun to help a Friend?

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Gifting or loaning money between friends can cause a rift between you both, could be guilt from the recipient because they are unable to pay it back or something else.. If I were in your shoes I'd gift it in a way that they don't even know the money came from you, an anonymous gift, an answer to their prayers, or whatever they may call it.
If it is a friend, I'd make the offer if I could. You would be essentially acting as an interest free pawn shop. But for a true friend, I would just make a $1000 "gift" to him and tell him to pay it back whenever he could fully expecting never to see the money again. That is why I used the term "gift" even though it would be technically a "loan".
This can cause problems if you are not careful. I knew "someone" in finanical trouble once and did just this, "loaned" them a significant amount of money with the idea that I would never see it again. Its several years later now, and he's back on his feet, financially. Despite the fact that I didn't expect to see it back, however, I get annoyed whenever this person takes an expensive vaction or buys a new car when he has never made any effort to pay back any of the money he "borrowed". I have not let it come between us, but I do feel at times like I have been taken advantage of. :mad:

I can easily see something like this causing a major rift between friends or family members. :(
Three or so years ago a friend that I worked with every day for 10+ years asked me for a small loan. Three hundred dollars to have his wifes car fixed so she could get to work and back. I gave him the money and told him to pay me when he could. When I did this I told myself it was a gift if it came back fine if not no hard feelings. Two months later he came to work and proudly displayed his new 300.00 watch. I found the promise to myself not to be upset about the money hard to keep. Still havent seen a dime of it. The money is unimportant it is the price you pay to know who your friends really are. I feel that I got a bargain it could have been much worse.
I only tell you this to illustrate how money can make life difficult between friends and or coworkers even when the intentions are honorable. Be very careful I feel much worse about the loss of trust than I do about the loss of money.
Just give your friend the money as an anonomous donation if you can if you cant moral support goes a long way also.
Depends on how well you know the guy. My best friend of 10+ years has lent me well over $1000 and vice versa. "Pay it back when ya can." I did not ask for collateral and wasnt really concerned if I got my money back, just as long as he stayed on his feet. I just returned the car he lent me when my truck broke down 4 months ago, he didnt ask for anything but a half tank of gas.
I've also been the "no interest loan" guy, with the fine print being after 5 years I get the right to sell it. In that manner, I wouldnt be ticked off if they showed up with a new watch later, I'd just sell the collateral.
"If you lend a friend $20 and never see them again. Its money well spent" (find out who your friends are)
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