(CA) Robber Is Killed With His Own Handgun

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Dec 24, 2002
Moscow on the Colorado, TX
Robber Is Killed With His Own Handgun
From Times Staff and Wire Reports
April, 6 2006

A man robbing a check cashing business was killed by his own gun during a struggle with the store's clerk Tuesday, police said.

Two men entered Checks Cashed Money Orders in the 100 block of West Baseline Street shortly before 6 p.m. and demanded money, said San Bernardino Police Lt. Brian Boom.

Fonta Tenarrow Stowers, 33, of Colton, struggled with the clerk when his handgun fired, striking and killing him.

The other suspect fired several shots at the clerk, a 30-year-old Moreno Valley man, and then fled the store. The clerk was not hit, Boom said.

I love stories like this.

Something vaguely similar happened to me in 1997 or 98 (I'll have to dig out the police report). In my case, the idiot discharged the gun while pulling it out the rear waistband. A .22 at point-blank will do one heck of a job on the leg. He screamed and fell to the floor. Another employee and I covered him while a third retrieved the gun (a J-22). He was writhing in what must have been horrendous pain, and he got this funny look and said something to the effect of, "gosh, I didn't know you guys were packing." Criminal mastermind at work.

This being Georgia, it didn't even merit a mention the papers. Funniest part was when Dekalb County showed up, and the responding officer calling for the ambulance couldn't keep from chuckling over the walkie talkie.
Bitter Sweet. Cool that the clerk didn't get hurt, sucks that the clerk isn't aloud to carry a gun legally for his own protection.
In that part of town they teach the "gangsta aim" method. I'm sure you all have witnessed that particular style of shooting, Glock pointed sideways:barf: usually can't hit squat:rolleyes:
Well at least the SB Co. SO will only have to look for one dirtbag, out of the many thousands that freeload, squat, welfare fraud etc... in that area.
you can carry a gun in a store

in Ca if you have permission from the owner or if you are the owner of a business, you don't even need a ccw.
Hmm, since it hasn't been said then I'll do it. Criminals shouldn't use guns while robbing people because the victim will take it away and shoot them with it.
Find accomplice.
Charge with multiple feonies, including felony murder rule.
Convict, life w/o parole or execute.
Now, we have a happy ending.
cowboybobb693 said:
In that part of town they teach the "gangsta aim" method. I'm sure you all have witnessed that particular style of shooting, Glock pointed sideways usually can't hit squat

That's why they came up with these Homeboy Nyte Sytes....so they can now hit stuff;)

If what I hear about police and official corruption in LA is true, the clerk may never get out of jail. How are the cops and public officials supposed to enjoy their lifestyles if they don't get their cut from robberies?

Not meaning to hijack the thread but in a semi-related note, has anyone in the SB County area got any new info on the Deputy that shot the unarmed Air Force Policeman at the traffic stop? Anything new on the Deputies arrest or?
The Dep is being charged with attempted manslaughter by the local DA instead of the feds. He is doing fine and he is missed at his station. Great guy/Deputy, bad mistake. The "victim's" family is a bunch of dirtbags with a suddenly popular civil rights lawyer. You should see the video of what the victim was acting like for the 10 minutes prior to the gunfire. And yes, the driver is being charged on multiple felony counts. :)

That check cashing store is down the street from my station. Hadn't heard about that incident with all the local CHP officers dying recently. We don't care much about the crook news, and the press usually don't publish any positive gun use outcome stories. But what's new?

Just remember: San Bernardino is NOT LA. We are one of the departments in the US (if not the only one) that still allow full auto fire from the choppers. And practice regularly too. ;)

Along the same lines, here was a local case about a year ago that was a terrible crime but in the end a great lesson in mindset over hardware.

Two thugs broke into a house in Elsa, TX and kidnapped one of the brothers that was living there. They took him to his parents' house with the apparent intent of robbing them. When the mother started hitting the criminals, they shot and killed her. The son, father, and perhaps a cousin piled on the shooters. They took the guns away and beat the two lowlifes to death with their own guns.
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