Canadian Imperial 303 Brit brass

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Jun 7, 2011
Central Arkansas
Got a couple of boxes of Canadian Imperial 303 British brass from a friend down in Fla. Neck sized and trimmed this evening and getting ready to reload. Any heads-up for me on this brass? Looking forward to seeing how it shoots.

I have some PPU and Winchester that I have worked on also. Found some pretty good loads using Varget and 4320. If I could find some berdan primers I think the IMR4064 in some POF brass I have might do good also. Getting groups of 1.5 in or less at 100 yds iron sights.
Be aware that if it is fired brass and was not fired in your rifle you may have to full length size it the first time so it will fit. Then you can neck size a few times before you need to bump back the shoulder for getting max case life. Those 303's are notorious for stretching the casings excessively and that will give short life to your brass if you FL size it every time. I was buying new 303 BRIT Winchester brass for about what new 3006 brass was selling for at Midway a year ago.

^^^ You may know all this already but I thought it worth mention. I have no experience with Imperial brass.
Imperial-CIL, and IVI is a military spec case. They are heavier (thicker) than commercial brass, reduce loads 2 grains from commercial brass.
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