Car Guns

Car gun

  • Yes, I carry a rifle in my car.

    Votes: 32 14.9%
  • Yes, I carry a shotgun in my car.

    Votes: 8 3.7%
  • Yes, I carry a handgu in my car (not counting CCW piece).

    Votes: 67 31.2%
  • No, I do not have a car gun.

    Votes: 108 50.2%

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Arkansas does not allow firearms to be loaded in a vehicle (sans CCW). Ammo must not be accessible at the same time as the gun.

I also travel to and from a university almost daily. Another no-no.

If I did, it would most likely be a lever-action in .357mag. Lots of stuff can be taken care of that way.
You have to be careful around here - a legal CCW piece is ok, and normally any old loaded gun is just fine but if you happen into North LV or Boulder City that non-CCW piece is now illegal. I always have at least one.
I always have a rifle or shotgun....sometimes both.

Rifle is usually a levergun of some sort. Loaded. Maybe a spare box or partial box of ammo. More for impromptu hunting than anything else.

Shotgun is most likely the 870 defense gun. Primarily for impromptu shooting for fun.

I try NEVER to carry "handgu" ANYWHERE! Whenever possible I try to wipe it up and dispose of it properly! (LOL, tears streaming...)

(I apologize! English is one of the most entertaining languages on the face of this fine little planet!)

In Illinois, a dedicated car gun is an official no-no. The car gun would be the carry gun with a case on the seat nearby for those inconvenient moments when the constables decide to pull you over. 'Takes about six to seven seconds to become "legal": unloaded and cased. Doesn't matter where the ammo is, as long as it's not in the gun.

You can see why rifles and shotguns are out of the question.

Note: Semi-auto pistols better than revolvers; a loaded magazine and one loose (from chamber) are easier to deal with and explain than a lap full of loose ammo.
Well there was time no telling what all was in the vehicle at any given time.

Since I do have to attend classes on campus this semester and all...I park off campus and just use my CCW.

Idiotic IMO no carry on Campus. I have one class that I leave at 10 pm, some of us may stay in lab till 11pm. Folks work attend class , or attend class and then go to work. Folks might have car trouble to and never knows the where or when of an encounter.

Like I told some ladies that were concerned and have CCW - Adapt, Overcome, Improvise...we did.
Since I travel through Nevada and the PRK, I have to be careful what truck gun is carried. I chose the Mini-14 as the beater. PC for PRK. In the bed locked up under a cover. Also works well for impromptu hikes in Utah and varmint issues as they arise. I would rather have something a little more accurate, but it does the trick. No optics. I even left the original "wood" stock which is scratched a little. Stainless for low maintenance.

I thought about the shotgun, but decided that I do not want to be on the side of the interstate addressing a newb CHP as to why I have an "assault shotgun" in my truck :uhoh:

A lever gun would probably be more PC. But capacity is an issue for me. If the SHTF I want to be able to get back to UT. Zombies need alot of shooting :cool:
I keep a yugo SKS in the truck, with 100rds on stripper clips in the handy leather case it came with.

The main reason i keep the SKS in the car, is that if it gets a little dirt in it, it will still work, and if it gets a little rust on it, I won't cry.

I have put down 2 hit deer with it so far.

Lever gun for car gun

I noticed that some of you have mentioned a lever action rifle. why that and not a semi automatic rifle? just curious.
i live in the great state of Virginia, which has it's share of humid days. I put a light coat of Mili-tec grease on all exposed metal parts of the rifle, and have yet to get any rust.


Not legal in my city and if I get a job I'm interviewing for next week -- it won't be legal to carry there either. Guns stay on me or locked away.
In Arizona I can be held liable for any harm caused by the illegal use of my stolen firearm if I don't take "reasonable" precautions to prevent its theft, so my gun stays with me not in the car. Besides that I don't have anyplace to hide one when I ride my mountain bike to work.
I keep a handgun in the center console arm rest. Can you spot it?



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This thread reminds me .....

how much I have changed over the years.....

I don't carry a dedicated car gun anymore. I live in the greater Los Angeles area of the People's Democratic Socialist Republic of California, so I'm always in an urban setting. I drive a more or less station wagon these days, and it does not have an adequate storage space. I carry the work gun with me, so...

Flash back to 1979. I drove a Ford Fairmont sedan with all the police options. One of the fastest things on the road, and I could catch most of the others in the curves. I built a gun rack that housed (most all the time) a .22 lr Remington bolt gun; a Remington 870 riot gun; and a real Beretta BM 59 for those special occasions.

In a couple of years, I will be out in the hinterland again. I'll have some kind of rifle along. Good night, all.
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