Cast boolit diameter

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We're talking about .001" which is a miniscule insignificant amount. No bullet comes out perfectly round out of a mold. People shoot as cast all the time. It is a variable that oftentimes results in better accuracy. Some people shoot wadcutters backwards with better accuracy as well.

You are far more likely to induce misalignment in your loading/assembly of the round or even by starting the bullet less than perfectly straight in your sizer die, especially if sizing base first with a nose punch.
"As far as accuracy goes, what's the difference if the bullet is sized down by a sizer die or the cylinder throat? "

Consistancy of where on the bullet's circumference the 'sizing' occurs.

An out of round bullet won't remain out of round after sizing unless the die is out of round - which is virtually impossible. And, if that's so, it won't matter how perfect the bullet may have been when dropped from the mold.
Thanks for all the feedback...

My concern was less about the very slight out if round condition and more about increased pressure do to the over sized boolit. Most are measuring .356" dia., while some .361".

So at .003" over I figured I had better ask.

I'll shoot this first test batch as cast and make sure each of the lighter charges are clearing the barrel b4 pulling the trigger again.
Well, looks like the science of bullet casting has well established rules. Now that were all in agreement I'll just run out and buy a casting set up.:rolleyes:
Make sure and buy sizing dies.


I'm fairly certain that as a forum we came come up with some consistent advice, once we weed out the disinformation. Believe me- there is a lot over there, too. Nowhere is fact from fiction sorted as veraciously and consistently as THR though- and I believe that to be one of the greatest assets in discussing firearms related matters here. The mods here do a better than most job of keeping it civil and on course.

If they can do it/with Droolits, we can do it here.

I think a cast bullet discussion on the THR level is quite appropriate. We aren't going to get a casting sub-forum, so we get to do it in reloading.

The knife guys don't get a knife bench subforum, so I think thats only fair.

Not really, but it sounds good, right ? :cuss::evil:

I vote that be the first point of consensus : They are "Bullets". There is no enchanted stream of glistening silver kissed by Jeebus and coddled by yearling mermaids anywhere near my house. The fact that we don't go in for any of that crap here might be the very reason we call them Bullets, not drool cups. OR sausages. MAybe we could call them flying beans, blessed by the creator to only hit our targets. :scrutiny:

I have Moulds ( you may have molds- but probably in and around the bathroom, and your breadbox). They are filled with lead alloys, which come from a Furnace. Out of these fall "bullets"- which we use for inserting into properly sized, primed, and charged cases for shooting things with. Unless you are shooting without cases- but I digress. This Mould part may be just me, but dangit, they are certainly called bullets.
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There is no enchanted stream of glistening silver kissed by Jeebus and coddled by yearling mermaids anywhere near my house.

Sorry to here you have yet to recieve "the gift" :neener:

As for me..... I like to keep my mermaids happy.... and they like me to call their prizes boolits :D

And this from

mold.... noun

Definition of MOLD
1: distinctive nature or character : type

2: the frame on or around which an object is constructed

3 a: a cavity in which a substance is shaped: as (1): a matrix for casting metal <a bullet mold> (2): a form in which food is given a decorative shape

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