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Mar 19, 2009
Here is a rather interesting question that I have been mulling over for quite some time.

If you could only own one brand of firearm exclusively, which would it be? This includes getting rid of ALL your other firearms and shooting / owning guns from one manufacturer exclusively. Take into consideration all of the various types of shooting / hunting you do.

Personally, I would go with Ruger. They carry a full line of revolvers, have a growing population of automatic handguns, quality rifles and shotguns, and are breaking into the AR spectrum with the SR-556. The only real weak point I can find is the lack of an auto shotgun for duck hunting.

Another strong choice would be Browning. They have some of the best shotguns and rifles on the market. The Hi Power and Buckmark, but lack a line of revolvers and ARs, which I consider a real weak point.

So… what brand would you choose exclusively?
CZ. Even though I don't own any CZ guns at the moment, they offer a decent choice in each category that I would need.

Edit: I just went to their website and saw that while they now have the Dan Wesson name under their corporate ownership, they don't do revolvers - that would be a strike against them...
I would have to go with Ruger also. AR-15, full size handguns, compact LCP, revolvers, shotguns, hunting rifles, plinkers, they seem to have it covered pretty well.
Ruger seems like a good choice. Good gun for a decent price.

SR9 (c)
Red Label

Seems to me this just about covers all the bases for me.

Now, if they would only come out with their own version of the 1911.

Ruger makes sense because they offer so many different types of guns; auto pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns...

You're covered!
I'd go with Ruger, too. Their variety is what gets me. And they do have some nice concealment guns.
Of course though, this is a huge compromise. We'd be missing out on some real icons.
Yeah, Ruger. There are manufactorers I like better for certain things, but you can get a Ruger to do anything I want to do. And you know you're getting a quality firearm.
Sorry, no can do. I have my collection boiled down to the guns I'd never part with, all different brands, all equally loved.
if it could go back to anything they made it would be colt.

i would be mightly happy with a colt monitor a detective special 1911 and maybe an andaconda oh and one of those police positives in .22lr
FN (which would include Browning and Winchester). I could live without a revolver, I suppose.
You can keep Ruger - quality isn't there, especially on their shotguns.

FN, now that it has several brands will work, but Beretta gets my nod for first place
So… what brand would you choose exclusively?
I hate this kind of question where there is no poll. I don't have time to spend collating the replies. Feel free to post these questions but I won't be responding.
Smith & Wesson

Top notch 1911's
The best Polymer gun on the market, the M&P
High end AR-15's
Respected Shotguns
Compact and HUGE revolvers

I don't think you can get more rounded then that.

Smith and Wesson. Great 1911s and M&Ps, great coverage of the revolver market. Pretty good AR-15s. They lack the Remington 870, my only complaint.
I hate this kind of question where there is no poll. I don't have time to spend collating the replies. Feel free to post these questions but I won't be responding.
But you took the time to collate a reply stating that you won't take the time to collate a relevant one?


I'd have to go with Smith & Wesson for their quality and wide variety of firearms.
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Hmm...that would suck to have to choose since some manufacturers I like only make one type of firearm.

Probably go with SIG. I can get handguns, bolt rifles, and AR type rifles from them.
When you say only one manufacturer, is it from this point in time forward, or could we still obtain older guns that they made? If that were the case, then I would pick Colt. If not, then I would choose Smith and Wesson. While I love Ruger revolvers, both single and double action, I don't care much for their semi-auto pistols or their Mini 14 series.
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