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Clarification on Getting A CCW in Nevada

Discussion in 'Legal' started by GHF, Oct 21, 2006.

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  1. GHF

    GHF Member

    Dec 23, 2003
    Orlando, Florida
    Can Somebody From Nevada Simplify?

    I may be working in Las Vegas (Clark County). I have a Florida CCW (as a resident).

    From what I understand, I can get a non-resident Nevada for 3 years. I can get it in any county, not just Clark. It requires a 9 hour course and $105.00 with the application. Applications are turned in at the Sheriffs office or in Clark County, the Las Vegas PD.


    1. Is this card that you have to carry all the time with the weapon issued by Clark County used state-wide?
    2. Is Boulder City in Clark County a separate issuer from the Las Vegas PD?
    3. I was thinking of using either Nye or Lincoln Counties (or Boulder City) instead of Clark. Any thoughts on the idea?
    4. Any recommendations/warnings on trainers in Nye/Lincoln/Clark counties?
  2. thexrayboy

    thexrayboy Member

    Sep 3, 2006
    northern nevada
    I cannot recommend any one specifically in Vegas but there are plenty that will do fine.
    In Nevada we have a permit, valid for 3 years for nonresident good statewide. You must take a course from an approved instructor in the county where you will apply for the permit. You will be required to pass the classroom part and then demonstrate minimum competency at the range with each weapon you intend to carry. You can carry whatever you want but must list them by make model and caliber. In Clark County you may have to list serial number, it's not a state requirement but I have heard that may be possible, not 100% sure.

    Once you have certificate from instructor you got to LEO office and apply. You will pay a fee for fingerprint/background check and another for permit application. Fees vary but are not unreasonable. In Clark county if you intend to reside there you must register all your handguns. If you are just visiting you do not. You may have to register them at the time of the application.
    A local instructor can answer this. Henderson, N. Las Vegas etc. have some local statutes regarding possession of firearms but Nevada has a statewide premption law. They may hassle you but you will be legal with the permit.
    You must carry the permit and ID when you carry the gun. The only places you cannot carry are in schools etc and public buildings posted no carry. i.e
    courtrooms etc. Basically if there is no sign and no metal detector you can carry if it is not a school property of some type. Private buildings posted are just that. You can carry but if they ask you to leave it is a trespassing issue, not a carrying gun issue. It will take anywhere for 2 weeks up to a max of 120 days to get a permit. Usullay takes a bit longer in Clark County.
    Boulder City is Clark county, no advantage to going there. The nearest place other than Vegas in the south is Pahrump about an hour west of Vegas. Should be real easy there. A plus is that a top of the line shooting school is also nearby.

    Not as simple and straightforward as places like Utah and Florida but not bad either.
  3. WheelGunMom

    WheelGunMom Member

    Aug 23, 2006
    I can definitely recommend Jim Mayhugh (http://www.gmj.com/home.php) for your CCW course.

    Great guy, VERY knowledgable about Nevada firearm laws and our sometimes inconsistent ordinances in the Las Vegas/Clark County area.

    If you do get your CCW in Las Vegas, plan on about three hours :mad: at the Metro PD substation doing forms and fingerprinting, etc. Under Nevada law, CCWs must issue within 120 days.
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