Cold Blue on Nickel

Thanks BBBill,
I heard that Birchwood Casey Super Blue can blue the hard-to-deal-with nickel steel alloys, so I was hoping it might be good for nickel plating, but I guess not.

Anyone have any other ideas?
Nickel-steel alloys are something a little bit different than the pure Nickel used in plating... For example, your kitchen sink is most probably made from some type of nickel-steel alloy.
Thanks the link to the nickel stripper.

I think I'll live w the nickel part. If my resolve crumbles, I'll get the nickel stripper ($33), but I'll hold off on that for now.

Watson and Mizar, thanks for chiming in. Looks like nickel is similar to stainless, at least regarding blueing.
Stainless steel is defined pretty much exclusively by its chromium content, but nickel is certainly a fairly common ingredient in stainless steels. But you can have stainless steels that don't contain nickel (e.g. 440C, AEB-L), and steel alloys with nickel (e.g. L6, 15N20) that aren't considered to be stainless steels.